Roads and water

Drinking water quality

Regular tests are performed by Council to ensure our water is safe for human consumption and complies with the water quality guideline values provided in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Road closures

Check here for information about temporary road closures or activities that may impact on traffic conditions on the Central Coast.

Road and drainage projects

Council is committed to providing key roads and drainage infrastructure including full road reconstructions, road pavement works, kerb and gutter, footpaths and shared pathways, bus stop improvements and more.

Water service interruptions

If you are experiencing a disruption to your water service including a water outage, low water pressure and/or discoloured water, visit this page to find out more.

Water supply services

Learn about water and sewer services on the Central Coast including information on dams, water catchments, pumping stations and sewer treatment plants, plus how to report faults to Council.

Water treatment process

The Central Coast has the third largest water supply system in New South Wales. Find out about how Council treats and disinfects its water to ensure you have a top quality supply straight from your tap.
Last updated : Tue 8 Jan 2019