Natural Areas and Biodiversity


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  • Australian Brush-Turkey
  • Fungi
  • Grey-headed Flying Fox
  • Powerful Owl
  • Red Crowned Toadlet

Photo credits
-    Australian brush-turkey, Alectura lathami – Chris Young
-    Red-crowned toadlet, Pseudophryne australis, Daniel McKeon
-    Grey-headed flying fox, Pteropus poliocephalus, Liz Noble
-    Powerful Owl,  Ninox strenua, Powerful Owl Project

Learn about long-term conservation, protection and management of our natural reserves and beautiful biodiversity on the Coast.

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Biodiversity refers to the variety of all life. It is complex, beautiful and an essential part of what makes the Central Coast a special place.

Bushland and wetland reserves

Bushland and wetland reserves are an important part of our natural environment. Council currently manages over 6,000 ha of land primarily for its natural and cultural values.
Last updated : Wed 22 Feb 2023