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Capital Works Program

Each year Council plans capital works as part of its operational plan to upgrade our roads, water and sewer and other community infrastructure.  This includes upgrading sewer pump stations and treatment plants, refurbishment of water reservoirs, road construction, renewing drainage, footpaths and boat ramps, improving sporting grounds, public toilets, boat ramps, playspaces and other community facilities. 

View the map to find information about this financial year’s major capital works program. The map includes capital projects that are subject to grant funding. Noting that where the funding source is Pending Grant, the identified project may be subject to scope change by the funding body. Additionally, should grant funding not be received the project may not be undertaken by Council in the current financial year. 

This map describes the timing, duration and progress of the major capital works. To find works within your street or suburb, simply scroll through the map, zoom in and click on a pin to view the project details.

For a full list of planned capital projects see the current Operational Plan. 

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