Plan and build

Development applications

Whether it’s a major project, a new house, or an extension, you need to know the rules if you are going to build on your property. Find information about the Development Application process and helpful links.

Plumbing and sewage

Understand the requirements and process involved for undertaking works relating to plumbing, drainage, water and sewers.

Building and renovations

Find out the rules and building regulations you need to follow when it comes to all sorts of buildings and structures.

Planning controls

Building on the Central Coast? Find links to our Local Environment Plans (LEPs), Development Control Plans (DCPs) and guidelines here.

Strategic Land Use Planning

Strategic land use plans provide a consistent planning approach for how we use and develop land in the long-term. The plans enable positive change while protecting the characteristics that make the Central Coast so ...

Other planning considerations

Certain properties and development types may be subject to additional planning considerations. Many of these considerations are likely to have a substantial impact upon the overall design of future development and ...
Last updated : Thu 25 Jun 2020