Strategic Land Use Planning

Strategic land use plans provide a consistent planning approach for how we use and develop land in the long-term. The plans enable positive change while protecting the characteristics that make the Central Coast so attractive to residents and visitors alike. There are a number of strategic land use plans which Central Coast Council uses when making decisions on future development. These include Council plans as well as those prepared by the NSW State Government. 

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Strategic Land Use Planning Program

  Year 12022-23 Year 22023-24 Year 32024-25 Central Coast Retail Strategy   Review of the existing Retail Strategy (former Wyong LGA) completed and development of a Central Coast Retail Strategy ...

Strategic land use planning documents (Strategies & Masterplans)

A masterplan is a highly detailed plan that aims to create a long term plan or vision for a neighbourhood, and focuses mostly on the built environment.These are not statutory documents, however masterplans are often the...

Development Contributions Plans and Planning Agreements

Developer contributions are generally monetary payments required to be made to Council so it can upgrade and provide infrastructure and facilities to cater for the demands generated by development.
Last updated : Wed 3 Aug 2022