Performance Report

Council service the whole Local Government Area with a population of approximately 345,000, delivering on the following key areas to more than 139,000 homes and businesses:

  • Harvesting raw water - catchment, storage, treatment
  • Providing drinking water - treating water delivered to customers
  • Collecting sewage - transport, treatment and discharge
  • Recycling treated water – advanced sewage treatment and reuse
  • Managing stormwater – flood mitigation, stormwater conveyance and water quality

Council has issued the first Central Coast Council Water and Sewer Performance Report (2017-18 to 2021-22), a requirement under IPART’s Water and Sewer Determination, released in May 2022.

This report was a key recommendation in IPART’s Improving Performance Information Paper and provides our community with information back to 2017/18 financial year until June 2022. 

Council is committed to providing transparency and our accountability to our customers.

Performance metrics are categorised into the following areas:

•    Service reliability
•    Customer
•    Asset and financial management
•    Environment and public health
•    Water conservation

Council will be seeking feedback from our community in 2022-23 financial year around what information the community has found valuable in this report and what else should be included in future reports.

Information on community consultation opportunities will be communicated on Council’s website and other channels such as Facebook. 

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Last updated : Thu 13 Oct 2022