Accessibility and inclusion

Central Coast Council is continuing to improve accessibility to its services and facilities for people with a disability so that all residents and visitors can enjoy the local environment and activities. Find out what help is available and a useful list of organisations who can further assist.

Central Coast Council developed a  Disability Inclusion Action Plan which details the strategies and actions Council is implementing over four years until 2021 to enable people with disabilities to better access mainstream services, facilities and open spaces. The plan is reviewed and monitored and reported on annually.

There is also an Easy English version of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

View the Disability Inclusion Action Plan progress reports:

Accessible areas

Central Coast Council is committed to providing areas that are accessible to the whole community.'

Check out these areas:

  • Saltwater Creek Reserve and Playground
  • Canton Beach Community Park
  • Lakes Beach
  • Coast to Lake Walk

Accessing Council public toilets

You can find a list of Council’s accessible and non-accessible public toilets by searching the National Public Toilet Map or calling 1800 990 646.

Council managed public toilets, including accessible restrooms, are open for use during daylight hours and locked from sunset to sunrise. However, if you need to access an accessible public toilet after hours, you can use the Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). The MLAK is a master key that fits into specially designed locks allowing 24 hour access to public amenities for people with a disability. Many accessible public toilets, Australia wide, can be opened using the MLAK.

To be eligible to purchase a key, you must have a letter of authority about your disability from your doctor or disability organisation, or alternatively a copy of your disability card or parking permit. 

Once you have this authority the key can be purchased from locksmiths who are members of the Master Locksmiths Association. To find out more, contact your local locksmith, the Master Locksmith's Association on 1800 810 698 or Spinal Cord Injuries Australia on 1800 819 775.

For information on soap dispensers in toilet blocks, read our COVID-19 community bulletin.

Accessible Events Guide

To provide event planners and community representatives with tips and tools to plan an event that can be enjoyed by everyone, council has put together a handy Accessible Events Guide below:

How To Plan Accessible Events Guide

How To Plan Accessible Events Guide (Easy Read Version)

Beach wheelchairs

To provide access to many of the Coast’s beaches for people living with a disability we have a suite of serviced beach wheelchairs available for both the local community and visitors to our region.

Beach wheelchairs are available for use across the Central Coast from the south to the north at the following patrolled beaches:

  • Avoca Beach
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Killcare Beach
  • Lakes Beach
  • Macmasters Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Soldiers Beach
  • Terrigal Beach
  • The Entrance
  • Toowoon Bay
  • Umina Beach
  • Wamberal Beach

To accommodate varied needs, we have three models of beach wheelchairs including the Sand Cruiser (available at all above locations), plus the Hippocampe and Water Wheel (at selected suitable locations). 

We will endeavour to ensure that your preferred model of beach wheelchair is available and the best way to book one is through the beach wheelchair booking form. This is also the best way to arrange relocation of beach wheelchairs for group bookings. Alternatively, contact Central Coast Council (Monday to Friday) on 1300 463 954 or contact the individual Surf Life Saving Club.


Each year, from October to April, council monitors and reports on the water quality of 21 local swimming areas.

This includes ten ocean beaches, six lagoon sites and five tidal baths and rock pools.

Find out more about Beachwatch

Service links

The following is a list of services that may be of assistance. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all services available.

Lifestyle solutions

Lifestyle Solutions is a not for profit organisation, founded in Newcastle in 2001 with a vision to provide person centred, flexible and responsive support services to people with a disability. Over time, our support has extended beyond disabilities to include a range of support services for children, young people and adults across Australia.

For more information phone 4014 7800

Life Without Barriers

Life Without Barriers offers support to children, young people and families, people with disability, older people and people with mental illness. It works with people who are homeless and refugees and asylum seekers.

For more information phone 4343 8830


As the welfare arm of the Anglican Church, Samaritans is a Newcastle charity assisting thousands of locals in need. Its work extends from disability supports to children’s services and disadvantaged young people to those with mental health challenges, those who are homeless and many more.

For more information phone 4384 8400

WheelEasy - Accessibility information

WheelEasy is an online resource that provides accessibility and mobility information for locations, places, and attractions to help people planning to get ‘out and about’.

It uses a traffic light system to show each place as accessible (green), partially or maybe accessible (yellow), or inaccessible (red).

This site launched in 2018 with a density of access information of destinations in Sydney, and now wants to expand its listings inviting people on the Central Coast to add local places and destinations with suitable accessibility features directly to the website themselves.

‘easy run’ Gosford CBD free shuttle 

The new ‘easy run’ Gosford CBD shuttle bus service is wheelchair accessible.

The free parking at Racecourse Road provides accessible access to the adjacent bus stop and shelter.

The free parking at Adcock Park provides access onto the loop road around the park with an accessible bus stop and shelter.

The bus stops on the shuttle route within the Gosford CBD area have connecting pathways.

Business Resources

‘Making Access and Inclusion Your Business’  is a resource kit designed to provide information  to assist business to become more accessible and inclusive and extend their goods and services to a community of under-served people.

This resource provides relevant information on disability in Australia and simple strategies that businesses can implement to improve access to their products, services and premises such as:

  • providing disability awareness training for staff in how to appropriately interact with people with disabilities and build a more inclusive workplace and service culture  
  • optimising digital platforms to ensure websites are accessible and other information provision is in an accessible format benefiting both business and customers 
  • using inclusive design principles to ensure the physical environment is accessible to everyone in the community to access a business leading to an improved customer experience for everyone.

 The kit also includes a list of resources providing website links to other relevant information focused on how to improve accessibility.

Download resource kit

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