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Creating inclusive businesses

Access and inclusion guide for businesses

Making Access and Inclusion Your Business’ is a resource kit designed to provide information to assist business to become more accessible and inclusive and extend their goods and services to a community of under-served people.

This resource provides relevant information on disability in Australia and simple strategies that businesses can implement to improve access to their products, services and premises such as:

  • providing disability awareness training for staff in how to appropriately interact with people with disabilities and build a more inclusive workplace and service culture.
  • optimising digital platforms to ensure websites are accessible and other information provision is in an accessible format benefiting both business and customers.
  • using inclusive design principles to ensure the physical environment is accessible to everyone in the community to access a business leading to an improved customer experience for everyone.

The kit also includes a list of resources providing website links to other relevant information focused on how to improve accessibility.

Case study: inclusive pottery

We collaborated with a local pottery school that offered people with disabilities the opportunity to learn pottery and ceramics in a mainstream commercial studio, and then exhibit their work in a public gallery.

The local business learned how to make their premises and programs more accessible to attract customers with different access needs.   Some of these adjustments included portable ramps and a modified tabletop pottery wheel.

The following video was developed so our community can hear from the local business owner and some of the participants of the program about their experience.

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