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Accessible nature (beaches and bush)

Accessible nature guide for the Central Coast

Council has developed a guide to help locals and visitors find some accessible bushland destinations, reserves and foreshore areas on the Central Coast.

 Accessible Nature Central Coast 2022

The Accessible Nature guide provides factual information such as parking, amenities and other features that help people living with a disability or restricted mobility to plan a day out in nature.  Destinations include: 

  • Bateau Bay picnic area 
  • Carawah Boardwalk, West Gosford 
  • Marie Byles Lookout, Killcare 
  • Saltwater Creek Boardwalk, Long Jetty 
  • Somersby Falls picnic area, Somersby 
  • St Johns Lookout, Katandra Reserve, Mount Elliot 
  • Warriwarri Walk, Kincumba Mountain, Kincumber 
  • Yaruga Picnic Area, Rumbalara Reserve, Springfield

Information on Council’s beach wheelchair and matting is also included. 

The easy to read brochure includes images, pictograms and maps and is available to view online and as a printed brochure - which can be picked up from Council's customer service centres (Wyong and Gosford) or libraries.

The delivery of this guide is an action from Central Coast Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan to make the Central Coast more accessible, inclusive and liveable.

Central Coast Council is committed to improving accessibility to its services, facilities and spaces for people with a disability so that all residents and visitors can enjoy the local environment and activities. 


Accessible beaches guide for the Central Coast

Download and print our Accessible Beaches Central Coast brochure or pick up your hardcopy from Council's customer service centres at Gosford or Wyong, or one of our libraries.  

  • We have developed an Accessible Beach guide so that people living with a disability and access challenges, can easily plan and enjoy a trip to one of our Central Coast beaches. 
  • The guide profiles 10 Central Coast beaches and includes information on accessibility features, such as beach matting, free beach wheelchair hire, continuous pathways, nearby public transport points and accessible toilets, in an accessible format with images, icons and pinpoint map.
  • Beaches featured include Patonga Beach, Pearl Beach, Umina Beach, Ocean Beach, Terrigal Beach, Avoca Beach, The Entrance Ocean Baths, Toowoon Bay and Canton Beach.
  • Our community told us during the development of our Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) that they want accessibility information on natural open space destinations, so that outings can be planned ahead. 
  • The accessible beaches brochure is a delivered action from the DIAP, and was designed in consultation with the Access and Inclusion Reference Group. 
Accessible Beaches Central Coast brochure on a table

Beach wheelchairs

Council has a suite of serviced beach wheelchairs available for free hire for the local community and visitors. 

Beach wheelchairs are available for use across the Central Coast from the south to the north at the following patrolled beaches:

  • Avoca Beach 
  • Copacabana Beach
  • Killcare Beach
  • Lakes Beach
  • MacMasters Beach
  • North Avoca
  • North Entrance
  • Ocean Beach
  • Shelly Beach
  • Soldiers Beach
  • Terrigal Beach
  • The Entrance
  • Toowoon Bay
  • Umina Beach
  • Wamberal Beach

To accommodate varied needs, we have three models of beach wheelchairs including the Sand Cruiser (available at all above locations), plus the Hippocampe and Water Wheel (at selected suitable locations).

two types of beach wheelchairs on concreate platform with beach in background

Beach Matting 

Following a successful pilot program in 2019-20, beach matting has since become a permanent fixture at some beaches, giving people with a disability and limited mobility an opportunity to safely access and enjoy the beach using a wheelchair or walking aid.

The use of beach matting is subject to public safety and beach gradient that is affected by sand erosion and tidal activity. Council has conducted site visits to assess and prioritise which beaches are safe to have beach matting installed. 

Throughout the summer patrol season of 2022-2023, beach matting is installed at:

  • Toowoon Bay
  • Umina Beach
  • Ocean Beach, Umina 
  • Terrigal Beach

These beaches have been chosen because erosion is low to moderate and they are relatively flat.

  • The beaches included in the Accessible Beaches guide have several accessible features that our community said were important to enable people with disabilities to access beaches and waterways.

    Important features for beach accessibility:

    • Relatively flat sand (which is also a consideration for beach matting suitability)
    • Allows for a beach wheelchair or other mobility equipment to be pushed across the sand, to reach the shoreline and return 
    • Erosion level is low to moderate
    • A reasonable level of connectivity to enable travel down to the shoreline 
    • Accessible toilets and parking nearby

    This brochure was designed in consultation with the Access and Inclusion Reference Group and with relevant Council departments that manage beach safety and maintenance of beach infrastructure. 

  • The use of beach matting is subject to public safety considerations and the beach slope (gradient). These can be affected by changing weather conditions and tidal activity. Prior to each beach season, Council conducts site visits to assess and prioritise which beaches are safe and suitable for installation of beach matting.

    Beach matting for the 2023-24 beach patrol season is installed at Ocean Beach, Umina Beach, Terrigal Beach and Toowoon Bay.

    These beaches have primarily been chosen because erosion is low to moderate and they are relatively flat.

  • Beach matting is not suitable for all beaches as each beach has different suitability considerations. Beach wheelchairs allow greater flexibility for people to access the beach and shoreline with the assistance of a support person.  Council may restrict access or use of beach wheelchairs at times, due to the constant changing coastal environment or for general public safety.

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