Water service interruptions

Customers in the following suburbs may be experiencing a disruption to their water service. This includes water outages, low water pressure and/or discoloured water.

If your water service is disrupted and not included on the below unplanned outages and events or planned outages and events lists please contact 1300 463 954 (24 hours, 7 days).

Operational works on our wastewater system may also appear below.

Unplanned service interruptions

SuburbDateTimeIssue TypeDetailsProperties affectedNotes
Avoca Beach14/12/20187:00am to 12:30pmWater Main BreakOutageKarani Ave, Matong Ln and part of Avoca Dr
Berkeley Vale13/12/20188.00am to 9.30amWater Main RepairOutageSeawind Tce

Planned service interruptions

SuburbDateTimeIssue TypeDetailsProperties affectedNotes
Lake HavenTuesday 4/12/20188.00am to 1.00pmWater OutageRepair to water mainAlisa CloseWater outage notified by letter box drop

Please note:

It is important to keep water taps closed while water supply is off. Care should be taken where gas, electric or other water heating systems, bath heaters, coppers, washing machines, etc. are installed to see that these appliances are not used until the water supply is restored and the following precautions taken.

Once water has been restored, open cold water taps very slowly at first to allow any trapped air to escape. In the event of discoloured water, residents are advised to run the front garden tap for 60 seconds every half an hour to check if the water has cleared.

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Last updated : Fri 14 Dec 2018