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For information about responsible cat ownership keeping your cat safe and reporting a nuisance cat.

Do you own a furry feline or are you thinking about adding a cat to your family? 

Central Coast Council recommends keeping your cats indoors, especially overnight, to ensure their safety. 

Remember your pet is your responsibility!

Annual Permits

Owners of cats that are not desexed by four months of age are required to pay an additional annual permit fee, on top of a one-off lifetime pet registration fee.

Cat owners can avoid the additional annual fee by registering and desexing their cat before four months of age.

For more information on the new permit requirements visit NSW Pet Registry Annual Permits.

Nuisance Cats

Under the NSW Companion Animals Act, cats can roam from their home. Roaming cats can only be trapped and taken to an Animal Care Facility if it's necessary for the protection of any person or animal from injury or death. Cats can also be captured if found in a designated wildlife protection area.

Complaints regarding nuisance cats can be made by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 02 4306 7900.

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