Animal Care Facilities

If you are looking to add a furry four-legged addition to your family, look no further than one of our local Animal Care Facilities.

Central Coast Council works closely with the Animal Care Facilities to reunite lost pets with their owners and find surrendered pets a new home.

The Central Coast has two Animal Care Facilities located in Charmhaven and Erina.

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Is your dog missing?

Contact Councils Animal Care Facility.

Have you found a lost dog?

If safe to do so, you can take the dog to your nearest vets to be scanned for a microchip and if identified the owner can be notified. If the dog’s ownership cannot be established, the dog is required to be taken to one of Council’s Animal Care Facilities.  

Did you know cats can roam?

Under the NSW Companion Animals Act, cats can roam from their home. Roaming cats can only be trapped and taken to the Animal Care Facility if it's necessary for the protection of any person or animal from injury or death or if a cat is in a designated wildlife protection area.


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Last updated : Tue 9 Aug 2022