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Severe weather and flood event clean up and recovery. Click HERE for update. 

Water and Sewer Performance Reports
These reports tell our community how we have performed across different service areas.

Council’s Water and Sewer reporting commitments to the community include an Annual Performance Report. The report provides transparency and accountability to our customers around water and sewer services.

For this reporting cycle, the Performance Report covers the 2022-23 Financial Year and coincides with the end of Year 1 of Council’s four-year Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) Determination.

This and future reports are based on ‘customer-defined’ water and sewer metrics, developed through an extensive community engagement program.

The previous report included performance data from the previous five years based on IPART and Council defined metrics.

The Performance Report provides an update against key water and sewer service metrics covering:

  • Customer
  • Service reliability
  • Water conservation
  • Environment and public health
  • Asset and financial management
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