Arts and culture

The Central Coast is home to a vibrant arts community reflecting the beauty of the region and sense of place across a diverse range of art forms and practices. Central Coast Council engenders arts and cultural practice through facilitating programs, providing spaces and venues, providing funding opportunities for artists and art creation and leading regional planning initiatives.

Cultural Plan

The Central Coast Cultural Plan 2020-2025 has been developed in consultation with the Central Coast arts and cultural sector and broader community. It provides an exciting vision and framework for the continued growth of the region’s diverse and inclusive cultural life and creative industries. 

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Every year Council facilitates a wide range of art programs. Find out more about programs including the Exposure Photographic Program, the Gosford Art Prize, the Maliga arts and cultural showcase and more.


The Central Coast has a number of venues that people of all ages and abilities can visit to participate, watch and enjoy a range of cultural opportunities.
Last updated : Thu 25 Jun 2020