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Creative Arts Central artists standing to camera

Pictured (Left to Right) Kaye Harrison, Amelia Foxton, Brigitta Oldereid, Andi Mether, Toni Houston, Sarah Beard, Aaron Trew

Creative Art Central is a commissioning program for professional and emerging creative practitioners based on the Central Coast. This year Central Coast Council received 94 applications from a diverse range of local creatives across a wide range of creative disciplines. Four professional creative teams and two emerging creative projects have been selected to deliver exciting new contemporary work that will engage with community in 2022.

Ms Kaye Harrison

Documentary Film: Music Central
Treehouse Media

Kaye is a highly experienced professional documentary filmmaker who is passionate about community development, storytelling and the arts. Kaye wants to celebrate and showcase our extraordinary musical talent on the Central Coast and this project will help challenge the stigma that surrounds the Central Coast as a region and help promote our creative identity. Kaye’s primary objective is to show how the power of music builds strong and cohesive communities and helps make them safer, healthier and happier.

Amelia Foxton

Short Film: Mother Tongue
Amelia Foxton

Amelia is an award winning film maker living on the Central Coast. Amelia’s passion is film, where she is able to bring her training and powerful on-camera presence to the storytelling experience. Mother Tongue is a short film written by Amelia and follows Alex and Jade - a lesbian couple who are desperate to conceive a baby. Amelia will deliver film making workshops on set and give the community access to the film making process.

Brigitta Oldereid

Contemporary Dance
Brigitta Dance Projects

Brigitta Dance Projects has been created to facilitate a safe space for young dance artists to learn, collaborate and develop their own choreography here on the Central Coast. Brigitta wants to offer special opportunities for artistic growth for dancers on the Central Coast by developing a unique contemporary production for the local community in 2022.

Andi Mether

Interactive Sculpture: Look Mum, Watch Me
Zest Events International

Artists Andi Mether and Leonardo Uribe and have been creating sculptures and public artworks and working with people with limited abilities in our community for many years. Look Mum, Watch Me will be a temporary interactive sculpture that will be accessible for everyone in our community. The sculpture will be exhibited at a community event at the Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club later in 2022.

Sarah Beard & Toni Houston

Documentary Film: Coasting, into the Heart of Bouddi
Artesano Productions & Toni Houston Media

Splash is a feature length documentary, designed for cinema and television release, chronicling the ocean swimmers from the Central Coast who will attempt a 23 kilometre marathon swim along the wild cliffs of Bouddi National park. This extraordinary journey - as dangerous as it is magical - is supported by the local community and promises to ignite a sense of adventure in us all. It will also immerse the audience in the local ocean ecology, and explore universal questions of courage, spirit, risk, connection to nature, and what it really means to be free.

Aaron Trew

Music Composer: Scoring music for film
AJ True

Aaron will deliver a series of workshops for aspiring film composers for both emerging and professional local musicians on the Central Coast. Four original short film projects produced by Central Coast directors will be scored as part of the project. Aaron will discuss techniques, recording set ups, instrumentation and writing to a creative production brief. He will critique ongoing work as the projects develop. Following the workshops there will be a community showcase and presentation night.

Join Aaron's workshop 

FREE COMPOSING FOR FILM COURSE - This free course prepares young musicians for a career in composing for the screen while developing their skills in music production, music editing, orchestrating, mixing and engineering. Participants will receive intensive professional training, as well as the chance to score a short film - with the director selecting the best score. 

The six week course is proudly supported by Central Coast Council's Creative Art Central and starts on Monday 30 May.

There are two strands - a youth strand (students aged 16-25 years) and an adult strand (ages 25+).

Book your place in the course today at:

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