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Building Certification

Principal Certifier

Complying development certificates and construction certificates must be determined by a Principal Certifier (PC). Development applications must go through Council.

If you are renovating or extending your home, building a new home or undertaking a commercial development, you need to appoint a Principal Certifier who will certify that the construction works by your builder comply with Australian building regulations.

Council is the largest Principal Certifier on the Central Coast and provides a fast, efficient and professional certifying service that you can trust.

Our Building Certifiers as your principal certifier:

  • administer the conditions of consent and progress of the development from start to finish and conduct a proper inspection of each required stage of construction.
  • certify that at each mandatory inspection, works are being carried out in accordance with the development consent or complying development consent.
  • advise the applicant, after any relevant inspection, if any works are inconsistent with the consent.
  • issue the applicant with an occupation certificate for any building or change of building use.
  • receive and investigate any complaints from the public concerning the development.

Benefits of choosing Council as your Principal Certifier

Our building certification team provides a pragmatic, cost effective and competitive certifying service that you can trust. Our qualified and experienced building surveyors are all accredited under the Building Professional Board Accreditation Scheme and do regular training to stay up-to-date with legislative changes and industry improvements to make sure developments meet the Building Code of Australia requirements.

When choosing Central Coast Council as your PCA, you receive:

  • one stop convenience - your Construction Certificate can be issued at the same time as your development consent.
  • experienced specialists - our certification building surveyors are professional, qualified and experienced, and specialise in building legislation and construction assessment for residential, commercial and industrial development.
  • personalised service - in most cases, the same Council officer will work with you through each stage of the development, from approval to certification.
  • competitive and timely service - as the largest building certification providers on the Central Coast, our team offers professional and prompt service with staff available on short notice.
  • certainty and accountability - you can be confident we will deliver on our commitments and be here when it counts, offering long-term support.
  • access and advice - helpful staff will assist you with timely feedback and guide you through what can seem like a maze of applications, inspections, technical requirements and approvals from various authorities.

Council can be appointed as the Principal Certifier for your development via the NSW Planning Portal. The appointment of Council as a Principal Certifier must be submitted at the same time as a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate is submitted to Council. 

An application for an Occupation Certificate should also be submitted at the same time via the NSW Planning Portal.

Central Coast Council can prepare a quote for the issue of a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate, inclusive of building inspections. Request a quote online here.

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