Local Planning Panel

The Local Planning Panel is an independent panel of qualified people to review and assess development applications for the Central Coast Local Government Area.

The Central Coast Local Planning Panel (CCLPP) determine a range of development applications on behalf of Council and provides advice on a range of strategic planning matters including:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Contentious Developments
  • Departure from Development Standards
  • Sensitive Developments
  • Planning Proposals

The panel comprises of four members:

  • The Chair (appointed by the Minister)
  • Two professionals (with expertise in urban design, urban planning or other related field)
  • One community representative (selected from a pool of members appointed by Council)

Meetings are run in accordance with the Local Planning Panels Best Practice Meeting Procedures and Local Planning Panels Operational Procedures.

The Local Planning Panel operates concurrently with the Joint Regional Planning Panel. The Regional Panel deals with the larger, more ‘regionally significant’ proposals whilst the Local Panel generally deals with smaller, more localised Development Applications and Planning Proposals.

Further information on the legislation is outlined on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website.


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Last updated : Thu 14 May 2020