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Local Planning Panel

The Central Coast Local Planning Panel (CCLPP) is an independent panel of qualified people to review and determine development applications for the Central Coast Local Government Area, providing increased transparency, integrity and confidence in the development application assessment process.

The CCLPP determines a range of development applications on behalf of Council and provides advice on a range of strategic planning matters that are referred to it.

The panel generally meets monthly on a rotating roster and comprises of four members:

  • The Chair
  • Two professionals (with expertise in urban design, urban planning or other related field)
  • One community representative selected from a pool of members appointed by Council

Meetings are run in accordance with the Local Planning Panels Best Practice Meeting Procedures and Code of Conduct for Planning Panel Members August 2018.

Further information on the legislation is outlined on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website.


While Panel meetings can normally be held in person or virtually, Panel meetings must be conducted online at present, as per NSW Government regulations. 

Please visit DPE LPP webpage for more information.

The Panel will undertake site orientation prior to the meeting.

View meeting agenda and minutes. You can also visit our archived CCLPP agendas and minutes for 2020/21.

Please note: The Agenda and Meeting papers will be made publicly available online the Friday before the next confirmed Local Planning Panel meeting. Minutes of the Panel Meetings will ordinarily be made publicly available on Council's website within 2 business days following the meeting.

Further documentation/information requested by Panel

Published at the request of the Panel Chair, having been provided by Council staff in response to request for further information.

25 November 2021 meeting

Supplementary memo - Additional Information - SEPP Coastal Management - Agenda item 4.1 (DA60416/2020) dated 25 November 2021 - available here

Supplementary memo - Additional Information - Notice of Withdrawal of Agenda item 3.1 (DA/60468/2020) dated 22 November 2021 - available here

23 September 2021 meeting

Supplementary memo - Additional Information - Agenda Item 3.2 (DA/1849/2005/B) dated 23 September 2021 - available here

Supplementary memo - Additional Information - Agenda item 4.1 (DA/62008/2021) dated 22 September 2021 - available here

19 August 2021 meeting

Supplementary memo (redacted) - Additional Information - Agenda item 3.1 (DA/57736/2016) dated 18 August 2021 - available here

Documents published prior to FY 2021/22 are available at our archived CCLPP agendas and minutes page.

Next scheduled meetings

Meeting dateTimeLocationPanel
Thursday, 8 June 20232:00pmOnlineKara Krason,
Grant Christmas,
Tony Tuxworth,
Sue Francis
Thursday, 22 June 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 13 July 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 10 August 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 14 September 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 12 October 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 9 November 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 30 November 20232:00pmOnlineTBA
Thursday, 14 December 20232:00pmOnlineTBA

Changes to Local Planning Panels

The NSW Government made changes to the way Local and Regional Planning Panels work to make them more efficient and to improve the assessment and determination times of development applications. These changes are part of the Planning Acceleration Program to support the state’s immediate and long-term economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

The changes, which commenced on 1 August 2020, aim speed up panel determinations by:

  • reducing the need to conduct public panel meetings for non-contentious matters by applying a ‘10-or-more’ objection trigger for public meetings 
  • allow, at the chair's discretion, applicants to attend a Panel briefing, along with council staff, where a compelling case has been made regarding the necessity, to explain complex matters or present confidential or commerically sensitive material
  • reducing the amount of modifications going to panels
  • obliging panel chairs to more actively manage development applications (DAs) coming to the panels to reduce deferrals and assessment timeframes
  • allowing chairs to bring forward determination on DAs that are experiencing unreasonable delays of over 180 days from lodgement
  • introducing panel performance measures.

Please visit DPE LPP web page for more information.

Attending and speaking at CCLPP meetings

As detailed above, under Meetings, neither members of the public, applicants nor Panel members are currently permitted by the NSW Government to attend meetings in person.

Please visit DPE LPP web page for more information.

Members of the public who wish to address the Panel must have already lodged a written submission on the subject development, unless the Chair otherwise permits, and should submit a Request to Speak form  to the Local Planning Panel Secretariat at All individuals (or group representatives) who would like to speak at the meeting must complete this form, and it must be received no later than 12 noon on the day prior to the scheduled Local Planning Panel meeting.

Central Coast Local Planning Panel meetings are broadcast live to the public and recorded. By attending a CCLPP meeting you are giving consent to the possibility that your image and voice may also be broadcast to the world. Recordings are Copyright protected and are accessible under the Government Information (Public Access) Act. No other recording is permitted.


Watch the meeting livestream.

Please note that confidential parts of a Local Planning Panel meeting will not be webcast.

The webcast of Local Planning Panel meetings is not, and shall not, be taken to be an official record of Central Coast Council or of any meeting or discussion depicted therein. Central Coast Council does not accept liability for any defamatory remarks or inappropriate comments that are made during the course of a meeting. Recordings of CCLPP meetings are copyright protected and cannot be reused or reproduced without approval from Council.

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