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Outdoor Dining

Outdoor living is part of our culture on the Central Coast.  Several local businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunity to undertake business activity on Council managed open space areas - such as footpaths, beaches, parks and sports fields.

Council recognises that commercial use of outdoor spaces not only supports local businesses but also benefits the wider community with increased social, cultural and fitness opportunities, enhanced town vibrancy and safety, and provides a boost to our region’s economy and local jobs.

Council will always preserve open space areas for general community use, whilst supporting Central Coast businesses to safely use suitable spaces. 

Use of Council managed land and open spaces for business usage does require permits. Activities are controlled to ensure suitability, community safety, equitable and fair allocation and that the impact on the community and environment is minimised. 

Use of these areas by local businesses is regulated differently depending on the activity type and the public area on which the activity is to be undertaken.

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Last updated : Tue 1 Dec 2020