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Ranger services

Council Rangers enforce legislation that works towards a safer, cleaner and more pleasant community. Rangers have a broad range of duties, with much of the work carried out resulting from the concerns of members of the community.

Rangers operate from 6am- 6pm each day (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day).

Rangers can be contacted by phoning 02 4306 7900.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are a concern to Central Coast residents, with over 2000 reported each year in the local government area. Abandoned vehicles cause distraction and can be dangerous to motorists, pedestrians and other road users.

Under the Impounding Act 1993 it is an offence to abandon a vehicle in a public place.

A vehicle may be considered abandoned if parked in a public street and the owner cannot be identified. Abandoned vehicles can include cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans and boats. 

It is important to note that a registered vehicle parked outside the registered address is not considered abandoned. 

Council Rangers investigate concerns regarding possible abandoned vehicles. Council Rangers will undertake an investigation in accordance with the Impounding Act 1993, which includes placing a sticker on the vehicle to notify that it is under investigation and sending a notice to remove the vehicle to the registered owner. Central Coast Council provides fourteen (14) days for the owner to remove the vehicle or contact Council. After this period the vehicle may be impounded and towed. The owner of the vehicle may be liable for any costs incurred in the removal and storage of the vehicle, as well as any penalty notices. 

If there is a risk to public safety or the vehicle is causing an obstruction to traffic, Council will work with the police and the vehicle may be removed immediately. The owner of the vehicle is liable for any costs incurred in the removal and storage of the vehicles as well as any related penalty notices.

To report a suspected abandoned vehicle, go to our 24/7 online customer portal or call our Customer Service Team on 02 4306 7900. For more information, refer to Council's FAQs - Abandoned Vehicles

Unauthorised Activities

Council Rangers monitor and regulate in accordance with legislation, unauthorised activities and structures on public land, such as advertising and signage, roadside trading and street stalls, busking and camping.

Unauthorised activities, structures or articles including parked vehicles, on public roads and footpaths for the purpose of selling can be hazardous for motorist and pedestrians and can cause damage to public infrastructure.

Fines may apply to individuals and businesses who do not comply with regulations. For more information view the Local Government Act 1993.

Targeting abandoned shopping trolley offenders

Not only are abandoned trolleys an eyesore and inconvenience, they pose a serious risk to traffic and pedestrians as well as our local environment. It is illegal to abandon a shopping trolley in a public place and offenders can be issued with a $220 on the spot fine. Avoid the fine - return your trolley to the supermarket bays or transport goods from your local retailer with re-useable bags or your own personal trolley.

Parking Safety

Council's team of Rangers and Parking Officers play a vital role in creating a safe and accessible environment for motorists and pedestrians. Council Officers undertake regular parking patrols to detect parking offences. Patrols may be high or low visibility in accordance with councils parking policy.

When you park your vehicle, consider the parking regulations. Not only will you avoid a possible fine and loss of demerit points, you will also promote the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Mobility parking

Central Coast Council provides designated disabled parking to allow easy access to services for individuals with a disabled parking permit or mobility parking scheme (MPS) permit. The permit must be displayed, front side up, in the parked vehicle. Stopping in a disabled parking area without a current permit displayed may result in a fine and loss of demerit points.

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