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Permanent Closure and Sale of Public Road

There are portions of land designated as road reserve throughout the local government area which are not constructed as road or used for road. Whilst the majority of this land is required by Central Coast Council there are some instances where the road reserve is not required for future use and can be sold to the adjoining land owner.

The sale of any portion of road reserve is dependent on an official road closure procedure taking place. This includes consultation with public, neighbouring properties in the immediate area, government authorities and agencies who may have an interest in the road; if any objections are received, these objection(s) must be resolved and have the objector provide a non-objection before the closure can proceed to the elected Council.

Any closure and sale of public road must be approved by the elected Council.

All fees and costs associated with the closure of a road will be paid by the applicant wishing to close and purchase the road. These fees, are contained with Council's Fees and Charges, and include but are not limited to:

  • Road Closure application fee 
  • Road Status Search fee - Applicants search costs
  • Advertising costs approx. 
  • Deed of Agreement - Applicant legal costs
  • Gazettal fee 
  • Plan of Survey (for Road Closure) - Applicants survey costs
  • Development Application fee approx.
  • Conveyancing/legal costs - Applicants legal costs
  • Compensation for land - Statutory Land Value
  • Subdivision Certificate application fee approx.
  • Consolidation survey plan - Applicants survey costs

Supporting Documents

Council Officers undertake an initial gateway assessment prior to formal applications to determine if the proposal can proceed. Formal applications are only received after being advised of the outcome of the initial assessment.

If your interested in purchasing road, please provide your proposal in writing to Council to allow this initial gateway assessment to be carried out. 

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