Pre tree works application check list

As trees and vegetation works approvals are assessed by different authorities, it is important that residents work through the below check list to ensure that you are applying to the correct authority. This avoids delays in managing your trees and vegetation and the costs associated should Council undertakes these checks.  Refunds are not generally provided where tree removal applications are received and the checks have not been made.

Each section below relates to other relevant organisations and/or legislation which may provide alternate pathways for tree removal within your privately owned land.

Proceed through each section below in numerical order and follow directions to the appropriate process or organisation.

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Section 1

Is the property identified on the Local Land Services (LLS) Native Vegetation Regulatory Map?

YES - Not Council approval. Please contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

NO - Continue to Section 2 below.

Section 2

Is the removal of trees or vegetation within the area covered by the Biodiversity values map?

YES - Not Council approval. Please contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

NO - Continue to section 3 below.

Section 4

Is the tree a known threatened species or known habitat for threatened species?

Melaleuca biconvexa, Syzigum paniculatum angophora inopina are a known threatened species in the Central Coast Council area. If in doubt seek advice from a nursery or private sector arborist to identify tree species.

YES - Not Council approval. A Biodiversity Conservation Licence is required from the Department of Infrastructure, Environment and Planning.

Phone the NSW OEH on (02) 9995 5000.

NO - Continue to Section 5 below.

Section 8

Is the tree(s) removal associated with a native vegetation community which will be removed or impacted in association with the tree(s)?

YES - Contact Council's Customer Service on 02 4306 7900. A Development Application may be required.

NO - Continue to Section 9 below

Section 9

Is the tree(s) removal is associated with development or any other type of building works?

YES - Contact Councils Duty Planner 02 4306 7900.

NO - Continue to Section 10 below

Section 10

Does the tree(s) form part of a heritage item, known aboriginal object or place of aboriginal significance? Refer to Councils former Wyong LEP 2013 and former Gosford  LEP 2014.

YES - Please contact Councils Heritage Officer on 02 4306 7900. A tree permit cannot be issued.

NO - Continue to Section 11 below

Section 11

Is the tree(s) within the Coastal Wetlands and Littoral Rainforest Area Map boundary?

Refer SEPP Coastal Management 2018 and call Council's Duty Planner on 02 4306 7900 to confirm.

YES - Development Consent is required. Refer to Council’s Duty Planner on 02 4306 7900

NO - Continue to Section 12 below

Section 12

Are the works to remove more than 5 trees or for the pruning or removal of any trees that are part of a vegetation community (complex) as detailed under Exempt tree works - Vegetation SEPP?

YES - Contact Councils Customer service on 02 4306 7900. A Development Application may be required.

NO - Continue and complete a Private Tree Works Application.


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Last updated : Fri 8 Apr 2022