Heritage and significant trees

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Heritage Trees

Applications to nominate tree/s as heritage item can be made to Council. The heritage nomination form is to be completed with as much information as possible including location, species and why the tree/s are important to our local history, heritage, and streetscapes. Trees on private and public land can be heritage listed, however heritage nominations with the written support of the property owner are more likely to be successful.

All trees and vegetation play an important role in providing amenity and biodiversity benefits, therefore the reasons for the listing must be clearly stated and demonstrate why the particular tree/s should be listed as Heritage. The application will be assessed and where Council approves the Heritage status it will be listed within Schedule 5 of Councils LEP at the next available update.

See Heritage advice for more information on how to make a heritage nomination.

Contact Councils Heritage Officer on (02) 4325 8869 for further information.

Significant Trees

Council is currently developing a process and criteria for nominating and assessing trees considered to be Significant. Information will be provided on Councils website once this is complete.

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Last updated : Tue 10 Sep 2019