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Significant Tree Nomination

The process to nominate a tree for listing on Councils Significant Tree register is:

  1. Take clear photos of the whole tree and its setting
  1. Complete all sections of the Significant Tree Nomination Form and submit to Council together with the photos of the tree
  1. A Council Officer will review the Significant Tree application and list private land trees on the Significant Tree Register provided all application fields are completed and required information is provided, or
  1. If the tree is on Council owned land a Council arborist with minimum qualification AQF 5 will assess the application, the condition of the tree and its significance in the landscape
  1. Where Council owned trees may fit the heritage criteria, then the application will be referred to Councils Heritage Officer for comment
  1. If determined suitable for inclusion by the Council officer, the nominated Council owned tree will be added to the Significant Tree Register
  1. Residents will be advised in writing of the outcome of a Significant Tree application
  1. The Significant Tree list will be updated, and the Significant Tree Register on Councils website will be updated at six-month intervals with revised listings
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