Planning controls and guidelines


The information on this page may not be correct during this unprecedented health event. Essential services are still being provided to the community, however many Council services and programs have been placed on hold while facilities and some open spaces are closed.
Our COVID-19 information area details all impacts to Council services, facilities and programs as well as the local response to coronavirus.

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Bushfire prone land

If your property is located in a bushfire prone area, it could impact the requirements for new buildings, building additions or redevelopment. Find out your responsibilities as a landowner.


Erosion and sediment controls should be used wherever activities disturb the soil or remove vegetation cover, which might lead to sediment leaving a site.

Heritage advice

Find information about heritage listings, the impact of heritage on development applications, heritage grants and much more.


Find information relating to local biodiversity and requirements for vegetation removal or clearing as part of a Development Application.

Development contributions

Developer contributions are generally monetary payments required to be made to Council so it can upgrade and provide infrastructure and facilities to cater for the demands generated by development.
Last updated : Tue 31 Mar 2020