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Hoarding and Scaffolding

The erection of temporary hoarding, scaffolding, fencing or overhead structures on public land may be required during construction activities.

The erection of temporary hoarding, scaffolding, fencing or overhead structures on public land may be required to separate and protect persons and property from building construction, building maintenance or other construction activities. These activities within a site often require utilisation of a property adjacent to the site in order to carry out the required works.

Where the property adjacent to the site is owned or under the control of Council and it is proposed to utilise the property adjacent to the site for the purpose of erecting hoarding and/or scaffolding structures then Council under the Roads Act and/or as the owner or controller of that property needs to consider, assess and approve the use of the Council owned or controlled property to ensure that all relevant issues are addressed prior to the installation of the structures.

Why do you need approval from Council to erect hoarding/scaffolding?

The erection of structures on public land can potentially impede pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow as well as pose a potential risk to the community. Therefore, the erection of structures within public land owned or controlled by Council needs to be regulated by Council so as to protect public safety and amenity as well as enable the free flow of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

How do you obtain approval to erect hoarding/scaffolding?

A formal application must be submitted to Council which includes a completed copy of the Application for Hoarding & Scaffolding form and appropriate fees paid as outlined in Council’s fees and charges. Fees consist of an application fee to be paid upon lodgement of an application and a total monthly operational fee to be paid upon instruction from Council that is calculated based on the duration that the structures are to be erected.

The completed application form and supporting documentation can be submitted to Council by visiting one of Council’s Customer Service centres, via the post or preferably by emailing

How long does it take to obtain Council approval?

A straightforward application will usually be processed within 14 days. If the application is more complex or requires additional information to be submitted for a more detailed assessment, allow 21 - 28 days. Please note: these processing times are an indication of average processing times only and the actual processing time for your application may vary.

What is involved in the hoarding and scaffolding assessment process?

The Hoarding & Scaffolding Application Process Map shows the process undertaken by Council for both development and non-development related hoarding and scaffolding applications received.

What if the structures are proposed to be erected in public land that is not owned by Council?

Council will not approve the erection of structures within Crown land without prior State Government authority concurrence. If the public land is Crown land, you must first obtain written approval from the appropriate State Government authority and submit this approval with your application to Council.

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