Planning and Development guidelines

Council’s Building and Development team has forms and guidelines to help you work your way through the planning, building, construction and development process and with installing fire safety measures. This page details guidelines and specifications to comply with planning and construction standards.

Guidelines and Specifications

Application Requirements
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 (Regulation) requires certain applications for development to be in an approved form. The approved form is defined in Schedule 7 of that Regulation as a form approved by the Planning Secretary and published on the NSW Planning Portal. This document lists the mandatory documents and drawings that are part of the approved form.

This Planning Circular also advises councils, applicants and practitioners of updated requirements for development applications, complying development certificate applications and State significant development applications made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Development Application Guide
Details what information you will be required to provide when preparing a Development Application (DA) for lodgement with Council.

Gosford City Centre Statement of Strategic Intent
Provides a roadmap for the revitalisation of the Gosford City Centre, ensuring planning controls are flexible and align with council's strategic directions and market conditions.

Building Over or Near Council Sewer and Water Mains
Outlines Council’s requirements when a developer proposes to construct works near water or sewer mains in the former Gosford and Wyong areas. A fee applies where engineering plans are required to be assessed by the Water Authority. View the complete policy.

Managing Obstructions and Encroachments in Road Reserves
Council will maintain a safe passage for people and vehicles on public roads when obstructions and encroachments are placed even temporarily in road reserves. The guidelines also clarify council's responsibility as the roads authority for managing obstructions.

Water Cycle Management Guidelines
Provide explanations of the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and Water Cycle Management (WCM) elements as well as directions to the appropriate best practice design documentation.

Waste Control Guidelines

Waste Management Plan Template

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