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Public pools and spas

Public pool and spas are regulated by Council to ensure the health and wellbeing of the community. 

All public pools and spas must be regularly tested by Council to ensure compliance with the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health (Swimming pools and Spa Pools) Regulation 2000. Things such as chemical balance, filtration system maintenance and water quality all must be kept at safe standards to help avoid unnecessary risk to the health and safety of pool users.

Some complications arising from poor pool and spa maintenance and monitoring include:

  • Bacteria: eye, ear and skin infections, carbuncles and wound infections
  • Fungi: athletes foot and tinea, urino-genital, skin and nail infections
  • Viruses: gastroenteritis and pharyngo-conjunctival fever
  • Protozoa: Cryptosporidiosis and Giardiasis

Public pool operators are encouraged to remind customers of common ways they can help avoid spreading infections such as:

  • Don’t swim if you've had diarrhoea in the past two weeks
  • Always shower and wash thoroughly with soap before entering the pool
  • Try not to swallow pool water
  • Avoid urinating in pool/spa water

All publicly accessible pools (including children’s splash pools) must be registered with Council and subject to ongoing compliance testing. Please complete the health premises registration form to register your pool or spa venue. 

Reporting unsafe pools

If you've encountered activity or believe swimming in a public pool has been responsible for illness, please report it to Council for further investigation.


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