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Why work with us?
Find out more about our people corporate values and the great range of employee benefits we offer our staff.

Our employees come from all walks of life and have a wealth of experiences, knowledge and expertise to share. Talented people can broaden their skills and shape the future of our community by joining a network of professional and skilled colleagues.

  • Council serves a ‘bigger purpose’ of giving back to our community, our team, and the environment of the Central Coast region.

    ‘Liveable’ is connected to Council’s community strategic plan.

  • A key benefit of working for Central Coast Council is that we support your life goals just as much as your work goals. Our team benefits from flexible work arrangements and fortnightly RDOs for relevant roles.

    We understand that everyone has a unique approach to life and work.

  • Central Coast offers an extraordinary life/work experience for talent open to relocating to the region and working for Council. As a workplace, it is a place to call home as you can be part of the community that we live in and work for.

  • Our dedication is not just to maintain but to enhance the Central Coast’s natural and social ecosystems, ensuring a lasting legacy for residents present and future.

  • To help Council rebuild, talent is welcome to bring new ideas to the table to encourage creativity/innovation and a positive response to change the future. We look for talent, lean on their experience and encourage all to challenge the current ways of working. A unique opportunity exists to reshape the organisation.

  • Council offers an array of opportunities and career paths spanning all roles, directorates, and levels. Whether it’s a role in community engagement, procurement, managing a water treatment plant, or all three over the course of an individual’s career, we don’t limit your potential. 

    As one of the largest councils in NSW, we can provide a diverse range of career opportunities in areas including:

    • Economic Development
    • Environmental Planning
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Horticulture
    • Education and Care
    • Water and Waste Management
    • Library Services
    • Arts and Culture
    • Communications and Marketing
    • Leisure, Beaches and Pools
    • Plant and Fleet
    • Project Management
    • People and Culture
    • Roads, Construction and Maintenance
    • Community Development 
  • These opportunities exist, and Council will support you in your career development and aspirations.

    — Our culture of learning includes informal on-the-job learning and experience; coaching and mentoring from peers and leaders; and learning resources to develop your skills.

    — We offer role-specific L&D, which can include designed learning materials and formal education opportunities

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  • Our values help us hold ourselves and others accountable for the way we work. Everything we do is guided by six key values:

    • BE SAFE
      We look out for each other and the community. See something, say something, do something. My team mates and I go home safely. Know and mange risks.
      Strive to be your best everyday. Promote self awareness and development. Open to continual learning and improvement. Take personal responsibility for actions and decisions.
      Build relationships abased on mutual trust. Share ideas, talent, skills and knowledge. Actively listen to find the best overall outcome. Demonstrate care and respect for ourselves and each other.
    • SERVE
      Deliver amazing services through empowering people. Pursue collaborative partnership for better community outcomes.
      Look for better ways of doing things. Encourage participation and new ideas.
      Celebrate having a go. Build one team spirit.
  • Awards and allowances  

    Council employees are covered by one of the following Awards:  

    • Local Government Electricians State Award
    • Local Government State Award 2023  

    In your award you will find information about the definition and operation of allowances, penalties, and overtime.

    Time and attendance  

    Council uses a system called Kronos to manage time and attendance. Timesheets are submitted weekly within Kronos, or a paper timesheet is submitted. All leave requests will need to be applied and approved through the time and attendance system (Kronos).

  • Novated leasing  

    Novated leasing is an employment benefit that allows employees to salary sacrifice some of the cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle. Anyone can take up the option of a novated lease at any time, and they will own the vehicle at the end of the lease period.  

    Benefits include:  

    • Competitive purchase prices on selected vehicles.
    • The ability to use pre-tax dollars to pay for repayments and running costs.
    • Running costs and maintenance are budgeted for and funds are set aside by regular deductions from your pay.
    • No GST on the purchase price of a vehicle.

    Council partners with novated leasing organisations beCarWise and Maxxia to support employees through the process.  

    Further information can be sought by contacting our payroll team.

    Fitness Passport  

    Fitness Passport is a corporate health and fitness program available to all employees which provides members and their families with access to a wide choice of fitness facilities close to their home and work.  

    Membership fees apply. To join, simply visit and follow the prompts.

    Remote working  

    Central Coast Council has led the way in embracing working remotely, where your supervisor and Unit Manager approve it. An employee can apply to work remotely two days per week as part of a hybrid work arrangement to reduce overall time commuting to their usual work site. These arrangements must be approved by your Unit Manager.  

    Employees wanting additional day(s) working remotely can submit a request for this arrangement for an agreed period, under a formal flexible work arrangement. Approval of an application for a flexible work arrangement will depend on the personal circumstances of the employee and the business needs of Council.  

    Further information can be found within the working from home guidelines on CHIP’s Policy and Resources page.  

    Social clubs  

    Central Coast Council has two employee social clubs; the 3C Social Club and Outdoor Social Club.

    As a member of the 3C Social Club, members enjoy the following benefits:  

    • $5 per member per ticket (max 2 per event) cashback at  
    • Laycock St Theatre  
    • The Art House  
    • Treetops  
    • Central Coast Stadium  
    • $20 per month lucky member draw  
    • Subsidised tickets to seasonal events such as the Easter Show  
    • Free entry to the annual Christmas Party - including food, drinks, and entertainment  

    As a member of the Outdoor Social Club, members enjoy the following benefits:  

    • Ticket discounts to Royal Easter Show each year
    • $10 Movie Tickets to Metro Cinema Lakehaven
    • Free entry to yearly NRL Footy Tip Competition
    • Family Christmas Party
    • A Christmas Party - including food, drinks, and cash raffle

    Access to:  

    • 22-Seater Bus Hire (fee involved)
    • Free Trailer Hire
    • BBQ Trailers
    • Box Trailers
    • Covered Box Trailers

    To become a member of either club, you will need to complete a registration form. These are available

    Rewards program  

    Council’s Reward and Recognition Program for employees ‘#Cheers’ acknowledges everyday hard work, drives a culture of appreciation and a dedication to the common goal of meeting organisational objectives.  

    There are several components to the Cheers program which include:  

    • Simple thank you’s - recognised on thank you cards or our online cheers on LinkedIn Life
    • Coastie’s cash – nominated $10 rewards
    • Living the values awards – quarterly nominations and awards
    • Team building events
    • Monthly ’in it to win it’ – raffle based on shout-outs submitted by Director or Unit Manager
    • Length of service awards – award vouchers or service recognition days
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