Household waste

Residents of the Central Coast are provided with a comprehensive recycling and waste service managed by Cleanaway Pty Ltd.  To find out more information or book a waste service, click on the relevant link below.

Visit 1coast for more information.

Domestic services

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

YES, you can recycle these items

NO, you cannot recycle these items

Paper and cardboard

Plastic bags - generally soft plastic cannot be placed in your yellow bin, however Council is part of the Curby Soft Plastics program which provides registered customers with special yellow bags that they can fill with soft plastics and then place in your yellow bin. You can register for the program here:

Rigid plastic bottles and containers

Crockery and pyrex

Metal cans, aerosol cans and foil trays

Long life containers

Green, brown and clear glass bottles and jars

Drinking glasses or broken glass

Shredded paper

Polystyrene foam

Food waste

The yellow lid bin is a 240 litre bin (or 360 litre bin upgrade on request) that is collected fortnightly.

Visit our recycling and disposal page for tips on recycling and information on how to dispose of items such as mattresses and e-waste.

Garden vegetation bin (green lid)

YES, you can dispose of these items

NO, you cannot dispose of these items

Grass clippings and leaves

Rocks and soil

Flowers and weeds

Vegetable or other food waste

Prunings, twigs and branches

Garden hoses /Pots

Untreated timber

Treated timber or lattice

Plants and small shrubs

Plastic bags

Building materials

(properties east of the M1 Motorway only) The green bin lid is a 240 litre bin that is collected fortnightly.

Household garbage bin (red lid)

YES, you can dispose of these items

NO, you cannot dispose of these items

Plastic bags - consider registering for the Curby Soft Plastics recycling program instead:

Car batteries

Polystyrene foam

Fire extinguishers

Disposable nappies

Gas bottles

Ceramics and cookware

Hazardous wastes

Food scraps


Light globes

Paints and pesticides

Needles and syringes

The red lid bin is a 140 litre bin (or 240 or 360 litre bin upgrade on request) that is collected weekly.

Chargeable additional services

  • 140 litre general waste bin - collected weekly
  • 240 litre general waste bin - collected weekly
  • 360 litre general waste bin – collected weekly
  • 240 litre recycle bin - collected fortnightly
  • 360 litre recycle bin – collected fortnightly
  • 240 litre garden vegetation bin - collected fortnightly
  • Additional kerbside collection of one cubic metre

Residents can request an additional service of their waste, recycling or garden vegetation bins. The additional service can take place on any requested weekday. Payment must be made prior to 12pm the day before the additional service is required.

Special conditions apply over the Christmas to New Year period. Contact Council on 1300 463 954 to book and for more information.

View our additional fees and charges in the PDF icon Delivery and Operation Plan.

Waste facilities

Central Coast Council operates three waste management facilities for the disposal or recycling of domestic, commercial and green waste as well as some hazardous materials.

Waste and recycling tours

Central Coast Council and Cleanaway offer guided bus tours of your local waste management facilities. These tours are a great way to learn about how your local waste management facility operates, how your green waste is processed, how recycled materials are sorted and what happens with the recovered materials. Bookings are essential and places are limited.

For more information on waste and recycling tours, visit Cleanaway’s Waste & Recycling Tour page, email or call 1300 126 278.

School & community groups may book a tour of the Buttonderry Waste Management Facility by completing an PDF icon excursion booking form returning it to

Green Living Workshops

Our popular Green Living Workshops help residents reduce food waste and turn it into a great resource for your garden. Visit our Events page for more details.

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