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COVID-19 Update

The information on this page is subject to change and may not be correct during this unpreceded health event.

Our COVID-19 information area details all impacts
to Council services, facilities and programs as well as the local response to coronavirus. Please go to this area of our website to view current changes relating to Council’s waste management services and facilities.

Council’s priority during the evolving situation of COVID is the health and safety of staff and the community. Essential services are still being delivered in line with Public Health Orders. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate these difficult circumstances.

Please refer to NSW Health for full details on the Public Health Orders. For the latest NSW Government updates, alerts and restrictions about COVID, please visit the NSW Government’s information hub.

Central Coast Council operates two public waste management facilities: Buttonderry Waste Management Facility located in the northern end of the Central Coast and Woy Woy Waste Management Facility in the south.  Both facilities are open seven days a week except on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.


Buttonderry Waste Management Facility

Address: 850 Hue Hue Road, Jilliby
Phone: 4350 1320

Woy Woy Waste Management Facility

Address: Nagari Road, Woy Woy
Phone: 4304 7340

Community Recycling Centre

The Community Recycling Centre is located at the Buttonderry Waste Management Facility. The facility is purpose-built for residential customers only. To see which problem items are accepted for free at the Community Recycling Centre, visit the EPA Community Recycling Centre website.  

Address: 850 Hue Hue Road, Jilliby (Buttonderry Waste Management Facility)
Phone: 4350 1320

Hours of operation (both facilities):

7am-4pm - Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays
8am- 4pm - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
Closed on Christmas day, New Year's Day and Good Friday

Important update on Kincumber Waste Management Facility

Following a thorough review of its operations and infrastructure, the decision has been made to close Kincumber Waste Management Facility site as a waste transfer station. Learn more about this decision and future opportunities for the site

Disposing of wastes at our facilities

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Wastes accepted at our facilities for a fee

The following waste materials are accepted at our waste management facilities for a fee:

  • Mixed waste
  • Garden organics
  • Building and demolition waste
  • Commercial recyclables
  • Bricks, roof tiles, pavers and concrete
  • Special wastes
  • Soil (not contaminated)
  • Mattresses (in addition to minimum charge)
  • Car tyres without rims (maximum 5)

See Council's Fees and charges for a full list of applicable fees and charges. When visiting our waste management facilities, please use electronic payments where possible to protect the health of the community and staff.

Wastes accepted at our facilities for free

The following waste materials are accepted our our waste management facilities free of charge:

  • Scrap Metals – Any product predominately metal, whitegoods, bikes, trampolines, car bodies and car tyres with rims on.
  • Cardboard – Household quantities only (up to 200kg). Items not accepted: tissues boxes, paper towels, wax coated UHT/long life cartons/Tetra Paks, disposable coffee cups or items contaminated with food.
  • Paper – Household quantities only of newspaper, magazines, brochures, wrapping paper, cards, office paper and envelopes. Items not accepted: shredded, laminated or cellophane items.
  • E-Waste – Any electrical product with a cord that does not contain liquid including: televisions, computers and laptops, hard drives, keyboards, scanners, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, audio equipment, speakers, electronic tools and garden equipment, household small appliances, video/DVD players, cameras, mobile phones, game consoles and vacuum cleaners. Residential customers only.
  • Glass – Bottles and jars (no flat glass). Residential customers only.
  • Aluminium – Cans and scrunched foil, tins and empty aerosol spray cans. Residential customers only.
  • Batteries – Any lead acid car, marine and household batteries.
  • Motor oil - Maximum 20 litres.
  • Fluorescent lights - Maximum 12.
  • Plastic - PET/HDPE bottles.
  • Milk/juice cardboard cartons

Waste materials not accepted at our facilities

The following waste materials are not accepted at our waste management facilities:

  • Hazardous or liquid waste (chemicals, poisons, paints*). Council runs household chemical collections every year. For more information refer to our disposing hazardous waste page.
  • Clinical waste (e.g. human tissue, laboratory cultures, blood stained materials or equipment).

­*Household quantities of water-based and oil-based paints are now accepted at the Community Recycling Centre (CRC) located at Council’s Buttonderry Waste Management Facility. For more information on what items are accepted at the CRC, visit the EPA Community Recycling Centre website.  

Disposing of asbestos

Asbestos can be taken to our Woy Woy or Buttonderry Waste Management Facilities.

When disposing of asbestos, ensure you have read the Asbestos disposal guidelines. All asbestos loads must be booked in 24 hours before delivery. Contact the weighbridge operator at Buttonderry on 4350 1320 or Woy Woy on 4304 7343 to make a booking.

All asbestos must be double wrapped in at least 200 micron plastic as per the Asbestos disposal guidelines. On arrival advise the gate operator that you have asbestos. Asbestos will not be accepted within an hour of the landfill's closing time. For more information on asbestos, visit our Asbestos page.


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