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Update contact details

Ratepayers wanting to update their name and/or address details are required to complete a Change of Address/Change of Name form.  It is important that all relevant fields within the form are completed and the full name of the ratepayer is detailed on the form.

Please ensure that the names of all ratepayers whose address/name is to be updated is included on the form.  Click on the Additional Name button to add their names.

Authority for an Agency to act on your behalf

If you are requesting to have your accounts sent to an agency, please ensure you provide full details of the agent.

Complete the Authority to Act section of the form by  ticking the Authority To Act box. Please provide details of what the agent is authorised to act on your behalf should be completed under the heading Council Services.

Power of Attorney

If you have a Power of Attorney to act on behalf of a ratepayer, please provide a copy of the Power of Attorney documentation.

Change of Name

When completing the Change of Name form please ensure you provide full details of your current name and the name to which it is to be changed to.  A copy of a Marriage Certificate or a Change of Name Certificate should be provided when submitting the form.

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