Youth centres

Our youth centres offer young people a safe and exciting base to interact while providing support, advocacy and referral.

All our centres offer a range of free or low cost programs. These include such services as sporting activities, Internet cafés, art and design projects and classes, music tuition, programming and recording, live performances for bands, singers and songwriters, dance and modelling workshops, cooking classes and more.


The information on this page may not be correct during this unprecedented health event. Essential services are still being provided to the community, however many Council services and programs have been placed on hold while facilities and some open spaces are closed.

Our COVID-19 information area details all impacts to Council services, facilities and programs as well as the local response to coronavirus.

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The Hub Youth Entertainment Venue

The Hub has structured programs for youth on the Central Coast including drop-in activities, dance parties, special holiday activities and much more.
Last updated : Tue 31 Mar 2020