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Central Coast Airport is a small aircraft landing area owned and operated by Central Coast Council. It is located on Jack Grant Avenue, Warnervale and is approximately 90 minutes’ drive north of Sydney and 45 minutes south of Newcastle. 

For Pilots 

Please refer to Airservices Australia for current operational information.

Central Coast Airport Masterplan

Council will develop a Central Coast Airport Masterplan following the NSW Parliamentary repeal of the Warnervale Airport Restrictions Act 1996 on 16 February 2021. The masterplan will include the current airport runway length of 1200 metres with no extension, and a Plan of Management to shape the future vision of the airport whilst continuing to provide environmental protection for important conservation land, such as Porters Creek Wetlands. Both plans will be publicly exhibited once drafted, giving the community, businesses and other key stakeholders the opportunity to review and provide feedback.

As part of the masterplan process, Council will provide certainty for the community by including the environmental and proposed conservation land to be protected in a draft plan, and including any proposed employment land to be subdivided from the conservation land. Council will suspend the development of the Warnervale Conservation Agreement and any agreement with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust to permanently protect the Porters Creek Wetland until the Airport Masterplan, Plan of Management and a subdivision plan is registered that subdivides the wetland and surrounding E2 land from the employment land in Warnervale. As part of the process, Council has also commenced negotiations with the aviation industry to better utilise land surrounding the airport. 

Proactive release of documents

Council has released a number a documents relating to Central Coast Airport including daily movements, reviews, briefings, Council reports and correspondence all of which can be viewed here.

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Who uses Central Coast Airport? Can anyone land there?

Typically only aircraft with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of less than or equal to 5700kgs can use Central Coast Airport.

What works are planned at Central Coast Airport this financial year (2020-21)?

Minor taxiway maintenance and return of runway displaced thresholds following pruning of trees at the northern and southern ends of Central Coast Airport, subject to approval from Council.

What types and size of aircraft can land at Central Coast Airport?

Typically fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and ultra-lights use the airport.

Is the Central Coast Airport open to the public?

Yes there is an outdoor viewing area at the front of the Central Coast Aero Club.


Is the Central Coast Airport going to be developed into a Regional Airport like Newcastle or Sydney?

No, due to natural environmental restrictions. 

Is it safe for aircraft to take off and land at Central Coast Airport?

It is entirely up to the pilot of an aircraft to decide if it is safe to land their aircraft at an aerodrome given the prevailing conditions.

How many aircraft land and take off at Central Coast Airport every day?

For the most part there are approximately 10 local aircraft that use Central Coast Airport on a daily basis. Monthly aircraft movement data is published on the Access to information page. 

How long is the runway? Will it be extended further?

The runway has an overall length of 1193m.

The northern threshold is permanently displaced by 210M and the southern end is temporarily displaced by 243M.

The runway cannot physically be extended as there are natural barriers preventing this from happening such as the wetlands to the south and Sparks Road to the north.


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