Dog parks and beaches

The Central Coast is home to a number of off-leash parks, reserves and beautiful beaches where you can let your pups off their leads and enjoy the outdoors with the whole family!

Dog owners have responsibilities. In public places a dog:

  1. must be under effective control (a leash)
  2. are prohibited (whether leashed or otherwise controlled):
    a.   within 10 metres of any children’s playing apparatus
    b.   in a public bathing or sporting recreation area 
    c.   from a public place set apart by council for the protection of wildlife, e.g. COSS lands.
    d.  on any beach not specifically designated as an off-leash exercise area

This does not apply to an assistance animal being used bona fide by a person with a disability, a police dog or a corrective services dog.

Dogs in off leash areas

To encourage dogs to be exercised, Council productively manages areas for dogs to exercise both on and off the leash.

But owners’ specific responsibilities include:

  • animals must always be under effective control of a competent person
  • no more than four dogs per person can be taken to an off leash area

While dogs are allowed on designated beaches and reserves unleashed, as an owner you remain liable if the dog attacks another person or animal, or causes a nuisance to people on the beach. On-the-spot fines can be issued for unregistered dogs or for owners who do not clean up after their dogs.

For more information about the responsibilities of pet owners see the NSW Department of Local Government's information for dog owners.

Pick up your poo!

No matter where you are, the dog walker is responsible for picking up and disposing dog poo thoughtfully!

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Dog parks and beaches locations

Check the signs at each location to ensure you are in a designated off-leash area.
Last updated : Wed 7 Oct 2020