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Kanwal Little Coast Kids

    Kanwal Little Coast Kids work with children, their families and the community to provide a caring environment that encourages learning and develops a strong foundation for school years.

    At Kanwal Little Coast Kids, we believe in the importance of encouraging children to be sustainable humans and act in ways which preserve the land for future generations to experience the earth as they do. We believe that this can be achieved through creating opportunities for the child to respect and enjoy living things and natural environments.

    We aim to create and provide warm, inspiring learning environments in which children feel safe, happy and free to be themselves. Unrushed and interest-based, with opportunities and a range of resources for extension to current understandings, we believe in being in the moment with the child, and valuing children’s input into the educational program.

    We believe in holistic, authentic documentation to reflect the learning that is taking place, and moments which reflect great achievements and milestones. Our learning environment is enriched by activities designed to develop motor and cognitive learning skills. We work with children, their families and the community to provide a caring environment that encourages learning and develops a strong foundation for school years.

    What we provide

    • Friendly, highly qualified and experienced educators
    • Friendly and caring atmosphere
    • Nutritionally cooked meals where on-site caterer prepares a variety of delicious, healthy meals
    • Safe, convenient drop-off and pick-up areas with security access with PIN code
    • Access to Storypark app, a secure private online space where families and educators share information about children’s learning
    • School Transition Program with a focus on literacy and numeracy and a working relationship with our local primary schools
    • Quiet tranquil setting
    • Purpose built centre
    • Social calendar
    • Munch and Move program used to promote and support children’s health and wellbeing within our centre
    • Sun smart approved, a Cancer Council program to help minimise student and staff over-exposure to UV radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer
    • Bush Kindy / Outside the Game Program, nature based learning with a focus on sustainability and nature based play
    • Membership with the Multicultural Resource Centre and an inclusive approach to cultural diversity
    • Strong community partnerships with regular outings into our community, including visits to our local library, post office, parks (nature walks) as well as community visitors, e.g. police, fire brigade and entertainer
    • Participation in the Early Learning Languages Australia program, where children learn a different language each year
    • Be You (Kids Matter) registered, promoting positive mental health for children and families
    • Curriculum follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), with its’ view of children’s lives as being represented by the concept of belonging, being and becoming
    • Free speech pathology service (NSW Health funded)

    We are open between 7am-6pm Monday to Friday.

    Our rooms

    Our centre features specialist attention for infants and toddlers in their preschool years. There is also a school readiness program developed in association with educators from Kanwal Public School.

    Gumnut Room (0-2 years)

    Our goal for this early age group is to develop a sense of security and belonging giving confidence to explore and develop with the support of our experienced educators. We aim to provide babies with a warm environment in which they feel at home, safe, and free to be who they are. Our hope for children in this age group is to develop a sense of belonging at the centre and find comfort in building positive relationships with our experienced educators.

    Lilly Pilly Room (2-3 years)

    The toddler-age group focuses on encouraging self-help skills and independence. We aim to lay foundations for developing a sense of positive social interactions with peers.

    Bottlebrush Room (3-4 years)

    Our objective for children in the Bottlebrush Room is to further develop in terms of independence and confidence in social situations. We aim to provide children with an environment which allows them to develop a sense of who they are, with all the tools to investigate, explore, and develop understandings.

    Flannel Flower Room (4-5 years)

    Our Preschool age group aims to work towards a smooth transition to big school, making that time of big change in their lives the most positive and enjoyable for all. Our goal for this group is to support them in becoming socially and emotionally confident, and armed with the tools they need to maintain high self-esteem as they go.

    Our educators

    As educators, we aim to model and inspire a lifelong love of learning by continually building upon professional knowledge. We reflect upon ourselves as educators through maintaining an ever increasing awareness of differing perspectives and theories about children’s learning, development and teaching strategies.

    Our principles and practices are informed and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We recognise that the rights of the child are paramount and with this in mind, offer a safe, caring, inclusive and positive environment for all children.


    Like all Little Coast Kids’ centres the indoor and outdoor learning environments ensure children are consistently engaged in learning. We provide all meals and ensure they are educational, nutritious and fun.

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    Call today to arrange a tour

    Families are welcome to visit the centre and take part in the many events and information sessions. The school readiness program is implemented by trained and experienced educators which ensures that the transition to school is smooth for children and families.

    For all enquiries or to make an appointment, contact Kanwal Little Coast Kids on 4350 5181 or call our Support Services Team on 4350 5181.


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