Bushfire prone land

In the bushland-rich Central Coast bushfires are an ever-present danger. Find out about the risks to your property, your responsibilities as a landowner, how to prepare for bushfires and how can you protect yourself and your family.

The Central Coast LGA has a significant amount of natural vegetation, with more than 75% of the area covered in bushland. More than 40,000 homes are located within 100 metres of bushland, so preparing for natural disasters needs to be a shared responsibility.

Bushfire prone land is land that can support a bushfire or is likely to be subject to a bushfire attack.

Over 90% of land within the Central Coast is considered bush fire prone. If you live in or are planning to build or modify a dwelling in a bush fire prone area, you need to consult with NSW Rural Fire Service.

To find out if you live in a bush fire prone area, you can request a copy of a 10.7 Planning Certificate from Council (fees apply) or you can check out the NSW Rural Fire Service online mapping tool.

Central Coast Council is currently reviewing the former Gosford and Wyong mapping. A consolidated bush fire prone land map will be available over the coming months.

What is Council doing to reduce bushfire risk?

Central Coast Council works with other land managers to actively reduce bushfire risk. The Central Coast Bush Fire Risk Management Plan identifies assets at significant risk and defines treatments to reduce the risk. Mitigation activities include:

  • establishing and maintaining firebreaks along the edge of the bushland/urban interface
  • constructing and maintaining fire trails to provide safe access/egress for fire fighters
  • installing static water supplies in extreme bushfire risk areas
  • working with NSW Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue NSW to undertake hazard reduction burning activities on Council-managed lands
  • helping to fire authorities in their efforts to improve community awareness and education around bushfire risk.

How can you protect yourself and your family from bush fires?

It is important to recognise that everyone has a role to play in reducing their bush fire risk.

Information can be found on the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

The simple rule is – if it’s your property, it’s your responsibility

Bush fire hazards can be anything that provides fuel for a fire – particularly where these hazards are located close to your home. But it is important to recognise that any hazard reduction activities on your land have to be assessed for environmental impacts.

The Central Coast Rural Fire Service can provide a free hazard assessment of your property and advise the best method to reduce your bush fire risk. They can be contacted on 4394 3100 or via email at Central.coast@rfs.nsw.gov.au.

Reporting a bush fire hazard

If you have concerns in regards to the bush fire hazards on Council managed lands, please contact Council on 1300 463 954 or email ask@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

If you have concerns in regards to private property or public lands other than Council, you can lodge a complaint online.

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Last updated : Mon 3 Dec 2018