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Works Zone

A Works Zone is a reserved section of road space to be used for vehicles engaged in construction work in or near the zone associated with a construction site. A Works Zone is proposed to facilitate the efficient operation of construction projects and to minimise traffic disruption.

A Works Zone has dedicated signage to allow a construction site to have a dedicated space to stand vehicles at approved times. The Works Zone applies to the occupation of the “road space” only and does not imply permission or approval for the actual (physical) works being undertaken. 

A Works Zone may be used (subject to approval) in the following situations:

  • The project requires regular loading and unloading of materials for a long period of time,
  • There is limited property access and/or;
  • There is high demand for on-street parking.
  • A formal application must be made to Council via eservices that includes a completed copy of the Works Zone Application Form and relevant supporting documentation as well as appropriate fees paid as outlined in Council’s fees and charges. A How to Guide has been provided for guidance during the online lodgement process.

  • All Works Zone applications are required to be submitted to the Local Traffic Committee for consideration and recommendation prior to Council issuing an approval. The Local Traffic Committee includes representatives from Transport for NSW, NSW Police, Local Members of Parliament and Council. Council Officers will submit the proposed Works Zone application to the Local Traffic Committee for consideration and recommendation on behalf of the applicant.

    Given that endorsement from the Local Traffic Committee is required, a Works Zone application will usually be processed within three (3) months. Please note: these processing times are an indication of average processing times only and the actual processing time for your application may vary.

  • Council will not issue Works Zone approvals for a Crown Road or State Road. Instead, an application should be submitted to the appropriate State Government authority for a Works Zone approval to be issued. 

  • The PDF icon Works Zone Process Map shows the process undertaken by Council to issue a Works Zone approval.

  • Council is responsible for the operational efficiency of the local road network. Therefore it is important that Council is made aware of and approves any impacts on traffic flow within the local road network. Operation of a Works Zone in accordance with Council’s approval will ensure that adequate clearances are maintained, existing street activities are not compromised and appropriate pedestrian, cyclist and motorist access is maintained during the operation of the approved Works Zone.

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