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Before you make a submission

Before making a submission about a Development Application (DA) you should inspect the plans and read any accompanying information so you are clear on the details. The applicant will most likely be your neighbour or their consultant, so you may be able to clarify details or resolve any concerns by discussing it with them directly. The following information will provide you with the necessary details around viewing and submitting a DA.

View applications on exhibition

You can search and track all current development applications, construction certificates and other associated documents online via the eplanning portal

Public exhibition items can be reviewed and submissions made through Your Voice Our Coast.

Guide to help

The following points are intended to help you make a submission to Council:

  1. Make sure that your submission is lodged by the closing date for public exhibition of the development application (DA). The closing date will be on either the notification letter you received; is available online; or by phoning Council’s Customer Serviceteam on 02 4306 7900.
  2. If you are objecting to the DA, you must provide the reasons why you object. These reasons will be carefully considered by Council in its assessment of the DA.
  3. Group petitions can also be submitted and should follow the same format shown in the standard submission form and must provide reasons for the objection(s).
  4. Do not make any offensive or defamatory comments in a submission.
  5. Section 10.4 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), requires you to disclose reportable political donations and gifts if you are making a relevant public submission to Council. Failure to disclose relevant information is an offence under the EP&A Act. Council is required to make any disclosure made under this section publicly available on its website. Further information about the requirement to disclose any political donations and gifts is outlined in section 10.4 of the EP&A Act. If disclosure of a political donation or gift is necessary, PDF icon Political disclosures form can be completed and lodged with your submission. Alternatively, you may make your disclosure on your submission.
  6. Council will send you an acknowledgement of your submission, and notify you of the outcome of the DA. Council may also notify you of an amended DA, or of any public Council meetings which you may wish to attend, at which the DA will be considered
  7. Central Coast Council is required to comply with the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which requires submissions on Development Applications to be published on Council’s website.  In order to maintain privacy, all submissions lodged using Council’s DA Submission Form will have personal contact details and signature redacted.  Submissions received not using Council’s DA submission form will be published in full.     
  8. Members of the public are entitled to access and take copies of your submission under the GIPA Act. A copy of your submission may also be reproduced in Council reports or in Court proceedings.
  9. It is voluntary for you to provide your name, address and any other contact information when making a submission to Council. It is important to note however that Council does not consider anonymous submissions.

How to make a submission

Complete your submission online via eServices.

Your submission, whether online or in writing, must be received by Council by the closing date for public exhibition of the DA. Any late submissions may not be considered.

Once you have made a submission

Council will send you an acknowledgement of your submission, and notify you of the outcome of the DA. Staff do not reply to questions posed in written submissions but they do cover issues as part of the DA assessment.

If DA plans are amended, you will only be notified if council's assessing officer considers the changes have a greater effect on your property than the original. To monitor progress of the DA, you can refer to council's website or contact the assessing officer.

Applications Involving Significant Public Objection

Some development proposals attract significant interest from the public and Council has a specific policy outlining which party at Council will decide the matter. The policy delegates the decider based upon the number of submissions received as follows:

  • Where a Development Application is the subject of 10 -14 submissions of objection and/or petitions of objection totalling 50 or more signatures are received, a Business Update will be prepared and sent to the Councillors. The Business Update will outline the number of submissions, objections and/or petitions received and the issues that were raised. Councillors may decide whether to give a Call Up Request to the CEO or the Director. If no Call Up Request is received then the Development Application will be determined under Delegation.
  • Development Applications the subject of 15 or more submissions by way of objection (not including petitions) will be reported to an Ordinary Meeting of Council for consideration, unless:
    • The application is recommended for refusal; or
    • Changes have been made to the proposed development that, in the opinion of the Director, have adequately addressed the issues raised during the Notification Period and there was a reduction in the number of objections (to 14 or less) as a result of any later re-notification.

In the event of points 1 or 2 as described above, the Director will provide a Business Update that outlines the number of submissions, objections and/or petitions received and the issues raised. Two or more Councillors may give a 'Call Up Request' to Councillor Support. If no Call Up Request is received, then the Development Application will be determined under delegation.

Availability of submissions

Submissions will be made available to the applicant and the public, and includes publication on council’s website. Personal information provided within the online form will remain unpublished. Submissions received not using Council’s DA submission form will be published in full.

Consideration of your submission

Your comments will be considered in conjunction with council's legal responsibilities, the interests of the community and the reasonable expectations and rights of the applicant. In making a decision, council has to balance these competing interests.

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