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Central Coast Council’s Landcare Program invites the community to take a hands on-role in conservation, protection and remediation of our rich environmental heritage.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities in bushland, coastal areas, lake foreshores, parklands, cemeteries and high conservation areas such as wildlife corridors and the Coastal Open Space System.

Each group’s volunteer activities and unique purpose are identified by Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Dunecare, Tidy Towns or Friends Of groups.

The common thread is an appreciation and understanding of the value of green spaces to the community, the value of habitat connection to larger remnants and the intrinsic value of healthy, functional ecosystems. Our volunteers play an essential role in making this happen.

What do volunteers do?

Activities are based on using the best technique to restore the unique characteristics of the site. We tailor a program of activities to protect habitat for fauna, fungi, threatened species and endangered communities while enhancing the natural values important to the local community.

Activities are:

  • bush regeneration
  • weed control
  • planting
  • seed collection
  • propagation
  • erosion control
  • park maintenance
  • landscaping
  • litter reduction
  • fauna monitoring
  • education
  • training

This program is a lot more than just pulling out weeds! The social and health aspects of volunteering should not be overlooked.

When volunteers commit to their site, they see it as a chance to get outdoors, to be active and to socialise. Long-standing friendships are often formed and people enjoy the opportunity to discuss issues with some like-minded new friends.

How to I join?

Have a look at the list of groups and meeting times below and contact one of our friendly team members.

Alternatively, you can email us at:

Bushcare Officers: bushcare@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

Landcare Officers: landcare@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

Training and access to special events are available for all registered and active volunteers. Get in touch now!

SuburbGroup NameMeeting Day/sMeeting Times
Avoca BeachBulbararing Bushcare4th Monday9am-12:30pm
Avoca BeachWilldenow Bushcare2nd Monday8:30am-11:30am
Bateau BayMini Park Landcare1st Friday8am-10am
Bateau Bay to Long JettyStepping Stones Bushcare1st and 3rd Monday9am-12 noon
BudgewoiBudgewoi Beach DunecareTuesday and Friday8am-11am
Berkeley ValeBerkeley Vale Tidy Towns3 times per yearVarious
BensvilleDoyle Street Bushcare3rd Saturday10am-12 noon
Buff PointBuff Pointers LandcareTuesday9am-11am
Chittaway BayChittaway Bay LandcareWednesday9am-12 noon
Chittaway PointChittaway Pointers Landcare1st Saturday and 3rd Thursday9am-12 noon
CopacabanaCopacabana Dunecare1st Saturday2pm-4pm
East GosfordCappers Gully Bushcare3rd Saturday8:30am-12:30pm
East GosfordFriends of East Gosford Community Reserve2nd Thursday2pm-4pm
EttalongPeninsula Dunecare1st Saturday and 3rd Thursday9am-12 noon
Forresters BeachForresters Beach Dunecare3rd Sunday8am-11am (9am-12 noon in Winter)
Forresters BeachMalkana Reserve Bushcare4th Saturday8am-11am (9am-12 noon in Winter)
FountaindaleFountaindale Ridge Conservation Area Landcare2nd and 4th Friday8.30am-11.30am
GorokanVVAA Tidy TownsThursday9:30am-12:30pm
GwandalanGwandalan Earth Care2nd and 4th Monday8am-10am
Green PointGreen Point Bushcare2nd Thursday9am-11:30am
Green PointThree Creeks Bushcare1st Sunday9am-12 noon
GwandalanGwandalan LandcareEvery Wednesday and Saturday, 2nd Monday7am-10am
JillibyFriends of Jilliby Cemetery1st Wednesday of the month11am-1pm
HolgateKatandra Reserve Bushcare2nd and/or last Monday8:15am-11:15am
JillibyMount Alison Landcare2nd Tuesday9am-12 noon
KariongKariong Eco Bush4th Sunday9am-12 noon
KanwalCraigie Park Landcare2nd and 4th Saturday8:30am-11:30am
Killarney ValeKillarney Vale Saltmarsh Landcare1st Saturday8am-11am
Killarney ValeThe Salties1st Saturday8am-11am
Killarney ValeTumbi Creek Bridge BushcareEvery 2nd Thursday9am-11am
KillcarePutty Beach DunecareThursday9am-12 noon
Lake HavenLake Haven Tidy TownsMonday9am-11am
Long JettyLong Jetty Landcare2nd Saturday8am-11am
MacMasters BeachAllagai BushcareFriday8am-10am
MagentaMagenta CoastcareTuesday8am-12noon
Mannering ParkMannering Park Tidy TownsThursday7am-11am
MatchamMatcham 360 Bushcare3rd Monday9am-12pm
NararaNarara Creek Bushcare1st and 3rd Thursday9am-12 noon
Niagara ParkNiagara Park Bushcare2nd and 4th Saturday9am-12 noon
NoravilleFriends of Noraville CemeteryMonday8:30am-10:30am
Norah HeadJenny Dixon Reserve Coastcare2nd Monday, 4th Saturday8am-10am
NoravilleHargraves Beach DunecareWednesday8am-11am
North AvocaNorth Avoca Bushcare2nd Saturday8:30am-11:30am
North Shelly BeachShelly Beach Coastcare3rd Saturday8am-12 noon
OurimbahPalm Grove / Ourimbah Creek LandðcareMonday and Thursday7:30am-12 noon
PatongaPatonga Bushcare1st Monday8:30am-11:30am
Pearl BeachPearl Beach Bushcare1st Saturday9am-11:30am
Pearl BeachPearl Beach Dunecare2nd Saturday9am-12 noon
Point ClareGoodaywang Reserve Bushcare3rd Saturday8am-11am (9am-12noon in Winter)
Point FrederickPioneer Park Bushcare2nd Saturday8:30am-11:30am
Pretty BeachPretty Beach BushcareMonday1pm-4pm
San RemoNorthlakes Landcare2nd Wednesday9am-11am
San RemoSan Remo Tidy Towns1st and 3rd Sunday9am-11am
SomersbyDeodar Bushcare3rd Tuesday10am-12 noon
SpencerSpencer Bushcare3rd Friday9am-12 noon
SpringfieldRumbalara Ramblers2nd and/or last Monday8:15am-11:15am
Summerland PointSummerland Point Tidy TownsTuesday7am-11am
TerrigalTerrigal Lagoon Bushcare2nd Tuesday9am-12 noon
The EntranceSouth Picnic Point Landcare1st Saturday7am-11am (8am-12 noon in Winter)
The Entrance NorthCoastcare T.E.N.Monday, Wednesday and last Saturday9am-12 noon
Tumbi UmbiTumbi Wetlands BushcareThursdayTBA
Tumbi UmbiReconciliation Landcare (Pelican Street Tumbi Umbi)3rd Saturday9am - 11am
UminaEttamalong Creek Landcare3rd Sunday8am-11am
UminaSouth Street Umina Bushcare4th Wednesday8am-11am
UminaUmina Community Group Dunecare4th Thursday, 4th Saturday8am-11am
WamberalWamberal Lagoon Bushcare2nd Saturday8:00am-11:00am (8:30am-11:30am in Winter)
WoongarrahMataram Ridge Park Landcare4th Saturday8am-10am
Woy WoyBlackwall Mountain Bushcare3rd Saturday8:30am-11:30am
Woy WoyBurrawang Bushcare3rd Tuesday8am-12 noon
Woy WoyEverglades Wetlands Bushcare2nd and 4th Saturday8am-12 noon (7am-11am in Winter)
WyongPorters Creek LandcareWednesday9am-12 noon
WyongThe Swamp Landcare3rd Sunday9am-11am
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