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Central Coast Roads Package (Australian Government funding)

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Central Coast Council continues to deliver a range of grant funded road and drainage upgrade and renewal projects under the Federal Government’s Central Coast Roads Package.

There are 21 road infrastructure projects already completed across the region since 2020:  

  • Mutu Street, Woy Woy – road and drainage upgrade
  • Glenrock Parade, Tascott – road and drainage upgrade
  • Gem Road, Pearl Beach – road and drainage upgrade
  • Cresthaven Avenue, Bateau Bay – road renewal
  • Bayview Avenue, The Entrance – road renewal
  • Kerry Crescent, Berkeley Vale – road renewal
  • Maidens Brush Road, Wyoming – road renewal
  • Racecourse Road, West Gosford – road renewal
  • Shirley Street, Ourimbah – road renewal
  • Sturt Street, Killarney Vale – road renewal
  • Springfield Road, Springfield – road renewal
  • Tuggerawong Road, Tuggerawong – road renewal
  • Woodbury Park Drive, Mardi – road renewal
  • Craigie Avenue, Kanwal – road renewal
  • Fravent Street, Toukley – road renewal
  • Richardson Road, San Remo – road renewal
  • Oleander Street, Noraville – road renewal
  • Hibbard Street, Canton Beach – road renewal
  • Albert Warner Drive, Warnervale – road renewal
  • The Corso, Gorokan – road renewal
  • Everglades Catchment, Umina Beach - drainage upgrade

The following 6 projects under the Central Coast Roads Package are currently underway or commencing shortly:

  • Ridgway Road, Avoca Beach - road and drainage upgrade 
  • Del Monte Place, Copacabana - road and drainage upgrade 
  • Lushington Street, East Gosford - road and drainage upgrade
  • Steyne Road, Saratoga - road and drainage upgrade
  • Springwood Street, Blackwall - road and drainage upgrade
  • St Huberts Island Bridge - safety improvements 

The deferment of two projects has occurred following receipt of advice from the Australian Government that a decision was made to defer a portion of the funding allocated to the Central Coast Roads Package.

The road and drainage upgrade proposed for Shelly Beach Road, Empire Bay and the intersection upgrade to Ocean Beach Road and Rawson Road, Woy Woy have been placed on hold and are being deferred until at least 2024-25, subject to further review.

Initial works involving the relocation of the water main has been undertaken to allow for the road and drainage upgrade of Shelly Beach Road, Empire Bay, with the remaining works placed on hold.

Whilst the physical construction works for Ocean Beach Road and Rawson Road, Woy Woy has been deferred, Council will continue developing the design to ensure it is ready for future construction.

Council will continue to work with the Federal Government to deliver all the projects identified within the Central Coast Roads Package.  

Council Administrator, Rik Hart said improvement to local roads and securing funding is a key priority.

“We know that roads are important to our community – which is why road projects are highly prioritised in Council’s operational plans. The projects in the Central Coast Roads Package boosts Council’s ongoing investment and work, to maintain and improve the regions road network of over 2,000 kilometres,” Mr Hart said.

“The delivery of the projects under the Central Coast Roads Package has significantly improved our local road and drainage networks and provided quality transport infrastructure for the community. 

“Council remains committed to improving our vast road network and is looking forward to delivering more grant funded works to repair and renew our local and regional road network.”

To keep up to date with project’s status and to view this financial year’s road and drainage capital works projects, use Council’s online capital works interactive map at


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