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Policies are principles that guide the decisions and actions of Council. Once adopted by Council, policies make up an essential part of Council’s management.

You will find our list of policies by policy topic in alphabetical order here. We are continuing to streamline all policies and thank you for your patience. Policies from the former Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils still apply in their respective former Local Government Areas, until a new policy is adopted for the Central Coast Council region.

Asbestos Management Policy
Assessment of Development Applications Policy
Backflow Prevention Containment Policy
Biodiversity Management Policy
Bonding of Development Works Policy - 2014
Charities Exemption from Section 94 Contributions Policy
Child Safe Policy
Code of Meeting Practice
Communications and Media Relations Policy
Community Grants Policy
Compliance and Enforcement Policy
Concealed Leaks Policy
Contact Centre Call Recording Policy
Contributions for Bonus Subdivisions in Zone No 7 (C2) Policy
Council Owned Community Facilities Policy For Waiving Construction Certificate Principal Certifying Authority Fees
Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy
Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy
Councillor Induction and Professional Development Policy
Councillor Procedure in Representing the Community Interest in Planning Matters Policy
Debt Management Policy
Debt Recovery and Hardship Policy
Delegations Register
Dogs in Open Space Areas Policy
Drinking Water Quality Policy
Enterprise Risk Management Policy
Environmental Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan
Equity Diversity and Respect Policy
Flood Management Policy
Flying of Flags Policy
Fraud and Corruption Control Framework
Helicopter Landings Policy
Intellectual Property Policy
Investment Management Policy
Keeping of Animals Policy
Land Transaction Policy
Landscape and Vegetation Management Policy
Leasing and Licensing Facilities Policy
Legislative Compliance Policy
Licensing of a Trade or Business on Open Space Areas Policy
Liquid Trade Waste Policy
Lobbying Policy
Memorials Naming of Council Facilities and Donation of Park Furniture and Trees Policy
Open Pile Burning Policy
Parking Enforcement Policy
Pensioner Concessions Policy
Planning Agreements Policy
Privacy Management Plan
Probity Advice Policy
Procurement Policy
Public Forum Policy
Quality Management Policy
Rainforest Policy
Recycled Water Quality Policy
Responsible Dog Ownership Policy
Restricted Funds Policy
Restriction on Development in Areas Identified as Drainage Black Spots on the Woy Woy Peninsula Policy
Rezoning Land Zoned Conservation 7a Policy
Sewage Treatment Plant Buffer Zones Policy
Single Use Plastics Policy
Smoke Free Areas on Open Space Policy
Social Media for Councillors Policy
Social Media Policy
Sponsorship Management Policy
Statement of Business Ethics
Street Banner Policy
Tree and Vegetation Vandalism Management Policy
Unsolicited Proposals Policy
Voluntary Planning Agreements for Gosford City Centre Policy
Volunteer Policy and Management Process Policy
Water Craft Storage on Public Land Policy
Water Usage Charge Concessions for Home Dialysis Policy
Wetland Management Policy
Work Health and Safety
Workplace Surveillance Policy
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