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Weekly road update
heavy machinery doing road night works

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You asked us last week why Council keep filling potholes on the same road instead of doing longer term repairs.

In short, we do both over the life cycle of a road. Basic pothole filing is the first level of maintenance to keep the road safe for the public.  

Where potholes consistently reoccur or the road deteriorates further, a more substantial and longer lasting heavy patch repair is considered - based on what has been done to date, the risk profile and what renewal work is planned for that section of the road.

Our annual road renewal program consists of various treatments that complete the cycle - from lower cost resurfacing to higher cost road rehabilitation and reconstruction. 

This approach allows our road network of over 2,000km, to be managed in a way that uses available funding in an economic and sustainable way.

This week, some of the road work being undertaken includes:
• Berkeley Vale (potholes)
• Davistown (potholes)
• Jilliby (potholes)
• Killarney Vale (potholes)
• Killcare (potholes)
• Koolewong (potholes)
• Long Jetty, Toowoon Bay Rd (heavy patching)
• Mannering Park (potholes)
• Mardi, Old Maitland Rd (road pavement works)
• Narara (potholes)
• Ourimbah, Ourimbah Creek Rd (heavy patching)
• Point Clare (potholes)
• Saratoga (potholes)
• Tuggerawong, Tuggerawong Rd (road pavement works)
• Tumbi Umbi, Ridgway Rd (road pavement works)
• Wendoree Park (potholes)
• Wyong Creek, Red Hill Rd (grading)

It’s easy to assume someone has already reported a pothole but that may not be the case. Please report potholes or specific maintenance or safety concerns to Council, through our online Customer Service Centre  or by calling 4306 7900 during business hours. We’ll then investigate and respond.

heavy machinery doing road night works


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