Beaches, pools and parks


Our beaches are among our most popular spots but all beachgoers must follow COVID-safe behaviour. A good way to remember to socially distance there is to keep a towel’s length between you and anyone who doesn’t live with you. If the beach looks crowded, consider coming back at another time or relaxing in a non-beach setting.

Here’s a few ideas to help you enjoy other natural settings:

  • go for a walk or run in your local park
  • ride a bike along a cycleway
  • take your dog for a walk around your neighbourhood
  • kick a ball at a sportsground
  • head bush to hike on a nature trail or to visit a scenic spot.

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Playspaces and skate parks

Central Coast public playspaces, outdoor fitness equipment and skate parks are open in line with the latest direction from the NSW Government. To help minimise the spread of COVID-19, please wash your hands before and after using any equipment and adhere to the rules and safety measures implemented by the NSW government for the Central Coast area.

Public reserves, shared pathways, boat ramps, public wharves and jetties, sportsfields and other outdoor public spaces remain open. Dogs should not be walked on sportsfields, unless sign posted otherwise, but can be walked in other outdoor settings.

For the latest COVID-19 information, advice and restriction details, please refer to NSW Health.

Restriction measures may impact our children and families but they are deemed necessary to protect our community’s health during this pandemic. NSW Police have the power to enforce restrictions. 


All Council pools are closed during the current lockdown.

Community sport

Our parks, reserves and facilities are often used as the venue for community sport competitions.

It is important to note that sports clubs and associations are required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place. To help minimise the spread of COVID-19, some restrictions may also apply to community sport competitions.

For information about community sports and COVID-19 Safety Plans, click here

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Last updated : Wed 21 Jul 2021