Hair, beauty and skin

Hygiene is important to control infections in premises that involve or may involve penetrating the skin.

Unsafe or unhygienic procedures and/or premises can spread infectious diseases and may compromise individuals’ personal health.

Under the Public Health Act 2010, Council regulates all hairdressers, beauty salons and skin penetration business premises.

Skin penetration procedures include:

  • beauty treatments, including waxing
  • tattooing
  • blood cholesterol and glucose measurement
  • body piercing
  • cosmetic enhancements
  • colonic lavage
  • corn planning
  • cuticle cutting
  • lancets
  • scarification.

Registration of your Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration business

All skin penetration businesses - including mobile businesses - must register with Central Coast Council before preparing a premises or commencing business.

Council suggests contact with an Environmental Health Officer before starting fit-out of any premises or vehicle at least three weeks before trading is to start.

Council’s Health Premise Registration form will further asssit.

Council inspection programme

Council conducts an annual inspection of registered premises. It helps ensure the businesses are being operated with infection control procedures and in a hygienic condition.


The Guidelines for the Operation of Hairdressing, Beauty and Skin Penetration Premises provides information for those proposing to conduct and those conducting such skin penetration activities.

Additional information is available from the NSW Health website.

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Last updated : Mon 31 Oct 2022