Street Banners

The street banner program is designed to:

  • Promote significant events, festivals, tourism, civic or community programs, as well as major economic development or sporting events of public interest throughout the LGA
  • Visually enhance the streetscape of the Central Coast
  • Create a sense of community and a sense of place for visitors and residents
  • Foster inclusivity and community connection
  • Stimulate local economic activity

How to Apply to use Street Banners

Applications are required to consider requirements outlined within Central Coast Council’s Street Banner Policy and Street Banner Guidelines. Please refer to Council’s Street Banner Guidelines for further information on locations, design guidelines and application requirements. 

To book Banner Poles:

Council currently has eleven (11) banner pole locations available for community hire to publicise events and activities considered appropriate by Council. External organisations can apply to use the banner pole sites when not in use by Council.

Please refer to the 2023 banner pole calendar below indicating current availability. The calendar is updated monthly to reflect new bookings.

To apply for use of banner poles, please complete the Application Form and return to 

To Book Banner Stands:

Council currently has seven (7) community banner stand locations available for community hire. Council is commencing a review on the current processes for hire of community banner stands, to ensure best practice is applied in line with the Street Banner Policy.

In the meantime, application for banner stands will follow the existing process. Please continue to lodge enquiries or applications via Customer Service Portal or by calling 4306 7900.

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Last updated : Tue 14 Mar 2023