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Noraville Cemetery

Opened in 1869, this cemetery is divided into 10 burial sections and a large memorial garden area.

Burial plots are available in General Lawn Section 3, Catholic Lawn, Greek Orthodox, Jewish and Methodist sections. The Roman Catholic, Church of England, Presbyterian, General Monumental and Salvation Army sections comprise of older style full monumental graves and have no new burial plots available.

Lawn areas have a concrete beam which has been constructed to provide a footing for approved monuments. Floral tributes are to be restricted to the concrete beam or the monument itself. Ornaments, statues, icons, vases or other items are not permitted on the lawn. Flowers, shrubs or plants cannot be planted at burial plots or anywhere within the cemetery.

The memorial garden area has been designed to blend into the natural surroundings and has over 400 granite markers. The marker and base is secured to a concrete foundation with a bronze plaque fixed to the face of the marker. Each niche caters for one ash container which is buried in the ground directly behind the granite marker.

The reverence niche wall is the newest addition to the memorial garden area. Each niche holds one standard ash container. A granite plaque with silver inscription completes and seals the niche after ashes are interred into the wall. This wall caters for 100 ash interments. A garden will be installed in the near future.

The original memorial niche wall holds 100 small ash containers which generally equates to about half of a persons’ ash remains. Council supplies a container for this purpose and will assist families to separate the ashes for interment. A bronze memorial plaque seals the niche and a small flower bud vase is installed for families to leave a small floral tribute.

Families also have the opportunity to purchase and have a memorial seat installed in the cemetery grounds.

Please contact our Cemeteries Bereavement Team on 4350 5108 or for further information or to assist you with selecting an option to best suit your family and loved ones.

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