Crisis Relief Services

Emergency Food Services

As part of Council’s ongoing efforts to battle financial hardship across the region, the Emergency food services card provides a quick, simple database of local organisations that provide emergency services such as food hampers, discount vouchers and free meals.

If you are experiencing hardship consult the Northern Central Coast emergency food services card or Southern Central Coast emergency food services card.

Hardcopy cards

Hardcopy cards are available at over 100 locations across the Central Coast including Centrelink offices, doctors surgeries and refuges.

More distribution points are always needed. Please submit a distribution enquiry if you are interested in becoming involved.

Service providers

Crisis relief and support service providers that would like to feature on the card can lodge a support provider enquiry and will be included on the next redesign of the card.

If you would like more information or to provide feedback, please email

Financial Services Card

If you are experiencing financial hardship please consult the Financial Services Card.

For services who wish to be on the card, please submit a Support Provider enquiry.

For services and/or individuals wanting to order a hard copy, please submit a Financial Services Card enquiry.


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Last updated : Thu 18 Jun 2020