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Niagara Park Children's Centre

    The Niagara Park Children's Centre nurtures partnerships with families, educators and the community to help children play, learn and grow. Find out more about the facilities and educators, and how to enrol your child.

    Niagara Park Children’s Centre has been an active and vital part of the local community since 1985. It is highly regarded as an early learning centre that nurtures and educates children while supporting their wellbeing and that of their families.

    We value the power of play as a process by which children learn – a normal and essential component for healthy growth and development, an instrument that allows children the freedom to explore their skills, use their imaginations, to learn about relationships and to be active and confident participants in their own learning. We enable children to enjoy the here and now - to simply be.

    We believe learning occurs when relevant and meaningful experiences are provided. We strive to create learning environments and play spaces that incorporate natural elements, are inviting, aesthetically pleasing, inclusive and which respond to children’s interests, needs, strengths and differing abilities. These environments allow them to experience success and show we believe them to be capable and competent individuals we trust to take calculated risks.

    Adventurous play is encouraged. We believe when children take purposeful risks they learn to assess the possible outcomes of new situations. We empower children to make decisions about personal safety and the safety of others and to challenge their capabilities, self-awareness and autonomy.

    What we provide

    • Friendly, highly qualified and experienced educators
    • Friendly and caring atmosphere
    • Nutritionally cooked meals where on-site caterer prepares a variety of delicious, healthy meals
    • Safe, convenient drop-off and pick-up areas with security access with PIN code
    • Access to Storypark app, a secure private online space where families and educators share information about children’s learning
    • School Transition Program with a focus on literacy and numeracy and a working relationship with our local primary schools
    • Quiet tranquil setting
    • Purpose built centre
    • Social calendar
    • Munch and Move program used to promote and support children’s health and wellbeing within our centre
    • Sun smart approved, a Cancer Council program to help minimise student and staff over-exposure to UV radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer
    • Bush Kindy / Outside the Game Program, nature based learning with a focus on sustainability and nature based play
    • Mixed age play spaces where mixed aged children mingle, play and learn within, enabling them to build relationships and a genuine sense of belonging.
    • Eight Ways of Aboriginal Learning framework followed to incorporate indigenous perspectives into our teaching and learning.
    • Community pets, where children learn to care for and handle small animals including our pet guinea pigs, Swirl and Rocket, and our chooks, Hattie and Little Hen.
    • Membership with the Multicultural Resource Centre and an inclusive approach to cultural diversity
    • Strong community partnerships with regular outings into our community, including visits to our local library, post office, parks (nature walks) as well as community visitors, e.g. police, fire brigade and entertainer
    • Participation in the Early Learning Languages Australia program, where children learn a different language each year
    • Be You (Kids Matter) registered, promoting positive mental health for children and families
    • Curriculum follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), with its’ view of children’s lives as being represented by the concept of belonging, being and becoming
    • Free speech pathology service (NSW Health funded)


    We are open from 7am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday

    Call today to arrange a tour

    For all enquiries or to make an appointment, contact Niagara Park Children’s Centre on 4328 5485 or call our Support Services Team on 4350 5181.


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