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Rates Calculator for 2023-2024

This tool is designed to help you calculate an approximate amount for your Council ordinary rates for a full financial year. It is important to understand that this is only an estimate and may not reflect the actual charges or amounts you owe. Please note that this tool does not include any rebates or other adjustments that you may be eligible for and is subject to change. It is also important to understand that this estimate cannot be used in place of actual Rates Notices or Certificates from the Central Coast Council. The Council cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in this estimation.

Enter current land valuation

Please note: 

  • The amount of rates you pay may vary depending on changes in property values following the 2022 re-valuations by the NSW Valuer-General.
  • If your property has multiple rating categories, such as a ground-floor business and a first-story dwelling, the calculator cannot provide an estimated rate. To get an estimate, please call Council's Revenue Team on 02 4306 7900. 
  • Your rates are calculated based only on the value of your land and this calculator provides an estimate for that component of your rates bill which may include other costs such as waste and on-site sewer charges. This means that the total of your rates notice will likely be higher. To determine if your rates have increased you should compare the land valuation component only of previous rates notices.
  • During 2023-24, Council will apply the 2022 land values with a rate peg of 3.8% increase for it's overall income, for 2023-24.

Estimated rates

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