Road opening permits

A road opening activity involves works that require the opening of Council’s road reserve to access underground utility infrastructure. The road reserve includes all of the land comprising a public road as well as the carriageway and nature strip from property boundary to property boundary. Excavation of Council road reserve is usually required for repair work and service connections to water, sewer, electricity, gas, telecommunications and drainage.

A road opening permit is required for all road opening works, including:

  • Water tapping – connecting a house to the water main
  • Storm water connections – plumber/drainer connecting house downpipes to Council stormwater pipes or pits
  • Sewage connection – connecting a house to main sewage lines
  • Roadside excavation constructing service road or slip lane
  • Laying of stormwater pipes to existing drainage
  • Laying of water mains
  • All other works requiring installation of and/or repairs to underground utility infrastructure.

Why do you need approval from Council for road opening works?

Approval granted by Council in the form of a road opening permit ensures that the works undertaken comply with Australian Standards and Council policies, standard drawings and specifications. Council needs to ensure that road opening work sites are safe for both vehicles and pedestrians, do not conflict with existing infrastructure such as signs, power poles and street trees, do not conflict with future road work and infrastructure plans, adequately manage utility requirements and do not create hazards within the nature strip area, both during and after works have been completed.

How do you obtain approval for road opening works?

A formal application must be made to Council that includes a completed copy of the Road Opening Permit Application and appropriate fees paid as outlined in Council’s fees and charges.

For all road opening activities that relate to a current development consent, a Roads Act/Authority approval is required and a completed ‘Application Form for Subdivision Works Certificate and other Development related Civil Works’ found on Council’s website must be submitted to Council with appropriate design drawings.

How long does it take to obtain Council approval?

A straightforward application will usually be processed within 14 days. If the application is more complex, allow 21-28 days. Please note: these processing times are an indication of average processing times only and the actual processing time for your application may vary.

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Last updated : Fri 12 Oct 2018